Kochadaiyaan – A new life for indian animation

Frankly to say, in spite of being a Rajini fan of the highest order, I was bit skeptical about Kochadiyaan right from the day I saw its trailer. The initial bad press didnt help either. But fortunately my fears were misplaced.

Make no mistake, but “Kochadiyaan” though a motion capture animation , is no “Avatar”. And it would be dumb to expect so from a movie that has been made at a fraction of “Avatar’s budget.But that said, this is no GTA vice city either. All those armchair critics and tweetverse, who cannot deal with the above truth, can go back to praising 500-crore grossing dumb movies like Dhoom 3.

Soundarya Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiyaan is indeed a moment in Indian cinema.

Its hard to comment on the animation. Clearly, there has been a urgency to finish the movie. The animation sparkles in many places , especially in the flashback period and the fight scenes, while it miserably fails in song picturizations and dance sequences.I seriously felt that in many scenes, such everytime Rana (Rajini) picks out his sword, the animation is so sluggish that Rajini in real life would have done that faster.That said, the animation is pretty convincing for most part . Half way into movie, you do not feel that you are actually watching an animation movie, the animation blends in and you no longer feel it to be alien.Veteran late actor Nagesh’s animation is again commendable.

Story and screenplay is  pretty much a strong point for this movie. True to his older movies, this movie is again has a decent story, with all right ingredients of treachery, revenge , suspense and of course style.Nothing groundbreaking but still not boring.

As usual Rajini excels in this avatar has well, but still motion capture could have done a better job in capturing Rajini’s  body language better.

This might be Rajini’s biggest legacy to Indian cinema – creating an animation movie that does not cater only to kids. Years down the line, when animation movies become more serious like it is in Hollywood, “Kochadiyaan” and Rajinikant would be remembered as brave pioneers. Seriously, lets accept the fact, no Indian producer would pour 125 crores into a animation movie (bomma padam :P), if it wasn’t for RajiniKant:)

Overall a very good family entertainer and holiday movie. Go for it!!!

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