Special 26 – The perfect Indian Heist

Its been quite long while that I had been to a cinema theatre to watch an hindi movie. Sorry to say, but with its steady stream of commercial remakes of masala movies, which I hated even in Tamil, it was just not worth it. Akshay kumar’ s last 100 crore venture(read Rowdy Rathore) is a perfect example for this.

But somehow I wanted to watched “Special 26” especially for Neeraj, the brilliant director who brought us “A Wednesday”, a brilliant piece of movie making.  “Special 26” nowhere maintains a moral standpoint like “A Wednesday” but still stands good on its own.

“special 26” is a story about 4 unapologetic criminals, who plan and loot from the rich just to … … become rich. The best thing about this movie is that, it does not try to create robin hoods or preachy just to make it morally appealing.  This follows other good heist movies like Mangaatha, where hero is the villain and he remains so until the end.

The first half is a drag. Why the hell was there a need of a heroine,marriage song in a heist movie??  Should be the producers idea. Whatever.

Second half pulls you into a vortex of cat and mouse chase between CBI officer(Manoj Bajpayee) and the crooks (led by Akshay kumar (Ajju)), all of which ends in interesting and gripping climax. This movie is based on a true story about a man who robbed Zaveri bros in 1987 and is still uncaught and is at large.

The art director deserves a special commendation, for painfully creating the 1987 delhi. The one with no flashy flexes, no flashy hyundai,honda or bmws, the delhi with no cng buses or autos.

Also the funny one liners in the movie really cracks you up. Like the one in which Manoj bajpai asks his superior “What happened to my promotion and raise. Its difficult to raise a family with my salary, can I start taking bribes?”

Overall a good watch and a healthy turn for Hindi movie industry. Though not a  “A Wednesday”, its still worth a watch and all the adulation it has got from other reviewers.


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