Trivandrum Lodge: Pointless

Director: VK Prakash
Cast: Anoop Menon, Jayasurya, Honey Rose


Almost an year ago, Anoop Menon and VKP team tried to take us through the special friendship between Stephen Louis and John. This year we got a peek into the Trivandrum Lodge, a ‘grunge’ looking lodge (grunge is still hip) in the middle of the busy metro Kochi.

Trivandrum Lodge tries to be all bold and tries to bring a lot of things out into the open, but doesn’t quite achieve its intentions. The film begins by establishing characters in the lodge, but from here the narrative itself gets so confused. It begins to look like an anthology film but then the film starts revolving around some characters. Many characters go away and reappear later with no big significance whatsover.

There is no plot unraveling yet, even after half the film is done. Till now it has got the viewers engaged in sex talk and youth humour. Second half begins and then we slowly see something brewing and about the significance of Honey Rose’s character. Things started looking good but that is when they decided to add more unwanted sub plots, more crass humour. By that time I was back checking messages and mails on my phone.

So 3/4rth film is done and we have moved from anthology to youth humour to philosophy about romance. Thats dabbling a lot. One can argue about this labeling. I am not saying you need to stick on to a genre throughout and thats what makes a great film. No. But if you start introducing plots very late into the film and then show a lot of unwanted subplots, dictating messages to masses , how else do I describe this lack of clarity. There were a lot of ‘new age’ cinema gimmicks which was irritating.This did not work for me and I state this explicitly that this could be a very personal opinion after observing that the film has worked wonders for many others. I could not comprehend how people were connecting so much with the film.

The film has one of the worst homages ever paid to the classic ‘Thuvanathumbikal’. Anoop Menon, we know you are so inspired by the film but the Thangal angle was a grave injustice. How is that reference even helping in any way with the plot or even from a tribute point of view. It was just sticking out like a sore thumb.

Jayasurya was a treat to watch. I have always loved his performances, excellent timing in delivering dialogues, getting the slang and behaviour right. Master Dhananjay was a disaster like in Daddy Cool. Honey Rose and Devi Ajith (Mukuvan’s wife) were extremes of urban, literal, post modern people. Over the top. Anoop Menon his usual melancholy self. It suits him. All other supportive casts were good. A special mention to Saiju Kurup and P Balachandran. But we dont get to see more of them in the film though.

The film had its moments. The crass humour works for what it is if not in the wholeness of the film itself. Is this entertainment formula? Could be. But Anoop seems to know what works and he writes that well. Jayachandran’s tunes worked well for me. And the usual ‘drowing the film in bgm’ was not there, thank god for that.

The film did not work for me mainly due to many things being so unconvincing and convenient. I would say a one time watch because there isn’t anything about the film which makes me want to revisit it again.


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