Snow White and the Huntsman(2012)

Snow White is the new obsession of the world, it seems. Why else would we be excited about a TV show and two movies one month apart? (Ok, at least some of us!) Each version has some little twist to the beloved Snow White story we know and love. I cannot speak for the movie Mirror Mirror, but I liked what I saw in the TV show Once Upon a Time. Lets talk about the latest addition, Snow White and the Hunstman.


Director: Rupert Sanders
Producer: Joe Roth
Screenplay: Evan Daugherty
John Lee Hancock
Hossein Amini

So we all know the plot: Beautiful princess __ evil step mother __ magic mirror __ seven dwarfs __ prince charming __ happily ever after! For your own special Snow recipe, just fill in the blanks with your creativity! In this version written by Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock, Martin Solibakke and Hossein Amini, the evil queen is looking for Snow alive so that she can have her heart and stay young, beautiful, and immortal forever! But Snow is stuck in the Dark woods where the Queen does not have any powers. Enter the Huntsman, who is given the task of bringing Snow back alive. But with her charming “fairness” and since she was destined to be “the one” she forms an alliance with the huntsman, seven dwarfs, one-who-could-be-prince charming, his father, and their army.


I think anyday the mirror would have rated Theron over Stewart! Bug in the mirror.

Watch this movie for the the fairy tale! Then there is Charlize Theron, who looks stunning in every scene. And watch it for her make-up artists who continuosly transform her in each scene! And finally, watch it for all the special effects. The ensemble of actors playing various characters do a fair job. Two people stand out: Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. Theron is stunning and strong as the Queen Ravena. Stewart is confused and pale and sad throughout the movie. This would have been a good opportunity to try and snap out of the vampire world for Stewart, and I think she tries. Sadly, she does not go too far. The most disappointing parts of the movie were her action scenes and the anti-climax!

Recycling stories is great! But the age-old cliches do NOT go well with the revamps! I hope writers do keep bringing us all our childhood fairytales, but they throw all the chiches out and go BOLD! One thing I definitely appreciate about the movie was Snow’s characterization. She was not just the pretty girl waiting for her prince charming to come save her, she was willing to get her hands dirty and do the job of saving her kingdom. Although, at more than point in the story, a charming man had to save her; this is definitely the way to go!

I can’t resist putting this here. When producers and directors realize someonle else is working on the same story as them, do they hit the panic button in the same way as scientists do, when we realize someone else is working on the same project as us? Just wondering… 😉


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