Good Night | Good Morning

[Note. GN|GM by Sudheesh Kamath is an low budget independent cinema that got its big (not that widespread) release through PVR. The film won accolades at many film festivals but had a hard time getting a proper release. Many of you might not have heard of this film. Even I heard about this only when I was reading the frustrated article by Sudheesh on the Long Live Cinema blog. Well his indirect marketing must have convinced some film buffs among us. So here is my take.]

“A Boy meets Girl romance” 

GNGM is a Boy meets Girl talkie that is set in New York on New Year’s eve. Moria is spending a lonely new year’s eve and that is when she is drunk dialed (not exactly) by Turia who is smitten after seeing her in a bar that night. How they open up themselves to each other through that all night conversation and (obviously) fall in love forms the plot.


“Opposites Attract. Law of Nature”

With just some visual elements and dialogues the personas of the characters are brought out. Expect a lot of fun from our Boy as he begins the ice breaking conversation. Moria reciprocates and keeps the fun alive. All through the film repeatedly tries to establish, through the various subtle metaphors, that it is this reciprocity or complementing characteristic that is vital for any relationship and not similarity in tastes. The title itself (Night and Morning) is testimonial to this inherent human nature. Kamath goes several notches ahead in describing this. Our couple discuss topics ranging from movies to sex to philosophy and love all with complementing opinions. Moira is very intellectual in her opinions. She is skeptical, realist. She tries to define love. While Turia speaks from his heart. He believes in love at first sight and who tries to live in the moment. An optimist.


“8 Stage of a love story”

Kamath dissects a typical love story into 8 stages: Ice breaking, the honeymoon, the reality check, the breakup, the patch up, the confiding in, the great friendship and the killing climax which is beautifully arranged in his script, silently hinted. We skim through each stage having fun overhearing their conversation and also unknowingly enjoying the essence of each stage of their love. Their isn’t any on the face drama or sentiments.

The film tries to break the monotony of the conversation with inter cut flash back scenes which stood out like a sore thumb from the whole texture of the film. I would have enjoyed a throughout conversation. Also I felt the music was played down a lot. Just wished many portions should have been aptly supported with a better score. Considering the low budget the film was made, music is decent.

Both Manu Narayan and Seema Rahmani (You would recognise her from Loins of Punjab) gave splendid performance. They had great chemistry. Loved the portion when then confide in each other and bonds. Manu’s friends dint come much into the fore ground of the film to be judged. Felt they were under utilized.

GNGM is not a highly intellectual lecture that would make you go “ZOMG, an eye opener !” or something. It just reminds you everything about the “physics of love”. In that sense it will stir you. It will remind you what being in a relationship actually is and needs. It reminds you that being in love cannot be explained in words and you cannot explain why some person is so perfect for you.

“GNGM is a testimonial to all those genuine love stories out there.”

The film is a total feel good movie. You actually think about the characters even after you leave the theatre and that is the success of any film. By now GNGM must have left the theatres paving way for biggies like Agneepath and Casanova. GNGM is worth watching. It is better than most of the junk getting released out there. Give your support at least when the movie releases on DVD.

This tryst with an independent cinema (usually you get to watch such movie in film festivals) taught me that there are random gems getting released which go totally unnoticed. But thats what we are here right, to direct your attention to sensible and good cinema 🙂


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