Mayakkam Enna – Intense!!!

“Mayakkam Enna”(Why this dizzinness”) directed  by Selvaraghavan(director of 7/G Rainbow Colony, Kadhal Kondaen)is  clearly his best movie till date. This movie is a almost-realistic potrayal of  a guy-next-door’s pursuit of his passion and his struggles in  life.

The story is  about Karthik Swaminathan(Dhanush), his friends , his love Yamini (Richa ) , his gang of friends and most of all his undying passion – photography. Its starts with how he starts out as a struggling photographer who falls in love with his friend’s girlfriend . The first half is hilarious at parts but tends to be a bit of drag.During the second half , the story moves very quickly and this  is when the movie becomes intense and sucks you in.The end , though a bit unrealistic stands for its tagline “Follow your Heart”.

This time around Selvaraghavan manages to tell a story straight in face without boring sidetracks and unwanted diversions. The technical department in deserves a great applause. The director does not undermine the viewer’s knowledge. Crisp Editing by Kola Bhaskar and sudden changes in the story line actually make the second half more interesting.  Though a bit overdone, graphics in this movie is worth a mention. The cinematography by Ramji is refreshing and mindblowing. Just the way , Selvaraghavan’s earlier movies, moulded Yuvan Shankar Raja from a novice to a master composer, GV Prakash shines bright under SelvaRaghavan’s guidance. The background score of  the movie still linger even after the movie.The picturisation of  the song “Voda Voda”  is different and entertaining.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the movie is excellent acting by Dhanush and Richa Gangopadhyay. Dhanush potrays the role of Karthik Swaminathan with ease.Also this is the first time I am seeing a US-broughtup-Bengali actress performing so well in a Tamil movie . Hats off to you Richa.

With a running time of just 150 minutes, the movie doesn’t bore you except at parts.But a wee bit more tightening of screenplay was required. Certain moments in the movie, where Dhanush gets overwhelmed by nature’s beauty during his wildlife photoshoot and Richa’s display of anguish towards the end are excellent. Also as like  his some earlier movies,this movie does not have a single action scene. Great Going Selva Raghavan. “Mayakkam Enna” is worth a watch. Go for it.

PS: An other attraction of this movie is the trailer of 3(“Why this Kolaveri Di”) at the beginning , looks interesting.


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