This movie review is brought to you by Saumya Goel (Ting Ting Tiding!)

Director: Imtiaz Ali
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri

A journey of a man to a musician, a journey of a lover boy to Devdas, a journey of Janardhan to Jordan. This journey is what Rockstar is all about. But the journey is marred by pot-holes, some small and some big. Also, to ride on these bumpy roads, Imtiaz Ali chooses a good looking luxury car instead of an rough and tough, reliable vehicle.

There are many things right and wrong in this movie. Number 1 right is Ranbir. He carries the movie from he beginning till end. As Janardhan, all he cares about are singing and samosas. As a jobless, careless, college boy he is someone you laugh at. Janardhan’s metamorphosis begins here, after he meets a girl, Heer. He asks for a heartbreak so that he could join the list of heartbroken, depressed musicians who went on to rock the world. And what he gets changes his life forever. What keeps you hooked and what makes you want more of this man is the bindass attitude at his core. Through the transformation, the character at heart is kept alive. Ranbir does a splendid job as Janardhan/Jordan and everything in between. This coming from a Ranbir-hater till date, you can take my words. This performance, definitely is notches above any of his previous movies, and I hope he continues the good work.

Then there is the number 1 wrong. This number one is so wrong that I cant complain enough about it. It’s Nargis Fakhri who plays the ‘transformer‘, Heer. She is the nice looking car that doesn’t work at all on the bumpy roads. Be it, smiling, crying, shouting, she is so poor at everything on camera. There is one dialogue she repeats again and again – ‘Main tumhe aur bardast nah in kar sakti’.  That dialogue was meant to be for her. She was literally unbearable.

Number 2 right is the music and cinematography. Being a die hard ARR fan, I find it hard to put this on number 2. But, from the vibes I got from the audience and friends with me, I decided to push this down. (also, this movie belongs to Ranbir!) Now there is nothing wrong with the music itself, there is just a lot of music. And rightly so! After all, the movie is a journey of a musician. What else do you expect? If you aren’t a big musical fan, then better stay away! There is a song every 2 minutes. And all songs are playing from beginning to end. For all those music lovers, there is no way you cannot enjoy the ARR compositions with splendid picturisation.

Number 3 is both right and wrong: Imtiaz Ali. The director is Bollywood’s new-age romantic film-maker. Both Jab we Met and Love Aaj Kal had a flavor that was fresh. That freshness and feel-goodness is scattered all over this movie. But this trouble is that this is one guy who believes in love like no other. It is evident that he believes love can bring about miracles. But he asks for too many. There is many places where the plot rides on his motto: anything for love, anything to love, and anything by love. Nah, the intelligent cine-goer doesn’t buy it. (Here is a teaser : remember the scene from love Aaj Kal where Deepika wakes the night after her marriage and walks out of it ‘cos she realizes that she loves Saif? There is a scene that’s beats it.) Rockstar has the makings of a brilliant movie, but id tied up with loose strings.

In the end, I enjoyed the movie and the music. If you haven’t been able to hear the all the 14 tracks back to back without getting bored, then be warned before you go watch the movie. Be ready to admire Nargis’ beauty and beauty alone! And if you love the music, and already know all the songs by-heart; then this movie is a must-watch for you.

My roomie(now-ex) Saumya Goel gave me a parting gift – a gift-card to a local theater! The next few movies I watch with that shall be in reviewed in honor of her – Bring on the Saumya Goel Series! (Well-wishers could take her example! 😉 )


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