Velayudham – Bang for the Buck !!!!

After a lot of surprisingly good word of mouth for this movie, I finally caught up with it today. When I saw the movie, I got reminded of me making Sambar. Though the ingredients are the same and the process is simple, not every time I get the taste of  Sambar right. May be Vijay’s film directors do the same, they mix up the ingredients (1 portion of sister sentiment, 1 portion of Pakistan terrorists and badass politicians,1 portion of fair and fat north Indian heroine, and finally 1 portion of kuthu songs)hoping to get a perfect movie.Thankfully this director has got it correct this time.  This movie directed by A. Raja also known in the industry as Remake Raja, is inspired from Nagarjuna’s Azad, a 2000 Telugu film. This movie has Vijay written all over it and the story is a no brainer and is very typical.

Velayutham(Vijay) is a simple villager with a doting sister Kaveri(Saranya Mohan) and Maman ponnu (cousin)Vaidehi (Hansika Motwani). He happens to arrive in Chennai to get money from a chit fund for his sisters marriage.Meanwhile in Chennai ,Bharathi(Genelia) who loses her friends to terrorists, comes up with a novel idea of creating a fictional character “Velayudham”  to instill hope in people and fear in terrorists. Vijay unknowingly thwarts  a terrorist plot and the people start to believe that he is the fictional character “Velayutham”.  What follows next is the usual story of Vijay bashing terrorists and preaching goodness to people.

What really sets apart Velayutham from rest of Vijay’s formula movies is the treatment and the comedy in the movie. The first half  of the movie is an absolute laugh riot and yet again Vijay proves that he is a master of comedy among his peers. His scenes with Saranya Mohan, Santhanam are an absolute delight to watch and would set you rolling with laughter.Dialogue writer Suresh Subha’s comic dialogues are really good

.  On the flip side,second half tends to be a bit dragging and sentimental. The movie is a bit too long (2hrs and 50 minutes).The fight scenes are childish and not much to write about. Hansika Motwani (who by is way is really moti),has nothing to do but look pretty and dance around  with Vijay. Genelia has done a decent job and a bit of acting. Barring the comedy scenes, Vijay has nothing new to offer. Songs  and picturisation are not really impressive except for “Mayam Seidhayo”   and “Molachu Moonu”.And whats with the Assassin Creed’s costume that Vijay wears while killing villains?

But for most part of it, its an out and out Vijay movie. On the whole Velayudham is a decent family entertainer that would not bore you.  For a common man who spends 50 Rupees , this movie is definitely bang for the buck.

In a fictional conversation, A.R Murgadoss( 7am Arivu director) would ask “Mere paas BodhiDharma hai, Graphics hai, Suriya with Six Pack hai,Shruthi hassan hai there paas kya hai?” and Anubhav Sinha(Raone director) would ask ” Mere paas VFX hai, Akon hai, 3D hai tere paas kya hai” and for that  Remake Raja would reply “Mere paas Vijay hai”. For all those who want to laugh away the frustrations of watching RaOne, Velayudham is the movie for you.


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