Agneepath – Get ready for Take 2!

Why talk about a movie that hit the screens 21 years ago?

Retelling an old story is not necessarily a bad thing. Manirathnam’s movies are the finest examples of how a story must be retold. Roja(Savithri-Satyavan), Thalapathi(Karna-Duruyodhana), Raavan(Ramayana) are a few exmaples. While the rmake of Don was a huge success, the remake of Sholay turned out to be more than a nightmare. What does Agneepath hold, that needs to be retold?

Plot: A young Vijay Deenanath Chauhan is forced out of his village after his father is killed by a mob, instigated by Kancha Cheena and his men! He comes to Mumbai and learns that life is an Agneepath(path of fire) as his father had taught him. And in order to win against the ways of the society, he takes up goonda-ism with the ambition of getting back his lost village as a gift for his mother. Along that journey, he must fight the real bad guys, battle his mother’s disappoval of his ways, save his sister, get married and have a child, and also fight his own conscience.

Fun fact – Although this movie is immensely popular today, it was big flop at the box office.

So how would you tell this story to the audience of today while keeping in mind that a vast majority of the original audience that decalred the movie a flop in the first place is still around? I will let Karan Johar and his director Karan Malhotra to figure this out. For people who haven’t heard, Dharma prodiuctions is remaking Agneepath with Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chora, Sanjay Dutt, and Rishi Kapoor in the lead. Here is the official trailer.

It is always interesting to know how story tellers adapt to their audience. Madhavi, the female lead in the original had literally just one important dialogue. I am sure Priyanka Chopra will not be too happy with that. An endearing charactyer in the original was Krishnan Iyer, MA played by Mithun Da. Krishnan saves Vijay’s life twice, becomes his sister’s bodygaurd and later her boyfriend, and his mother’s “accha beta”. No signs of Krishnan at least in the trailers. There is one scene in the movie where AB tells a bad guy how telephones have ruined communication – and that you can read facial expressions anymore. Wonder what he would have to tell about FB or Twitter then!

These are small things that stirred up my curiosity! The bigger things that should be interesting are the very framework of the movie like “Ma, Behen” emotions, “Ek chutki Sindoor” dialogues, the Mandwa gaon(Slumdog Millionaire has brought fame to many such villages). A lot is at stake here for KJo; especially since his “Path” is filled with memories of Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag. He definitely must know the meaning of Agneepath.


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