Mankatha: Game not good enough

Written and Directed by: Venkat Prabhu
Cast: Ajit, Arjun, Chennai 28 team

Thala’s 50. Sun pictures backing Mankatha was creating all the buzz. Even though we popcorncousins share a very distant family relationship with Ajit,  I am not a big fan. Especially after watching Aegan (still regret that 😥  ).But the trailer of Mankatha impressed me and I decided to catch this one in the theatres itself.

500crore dollars of cricket betting money. Four amateurs and Inspector Vinayak plan to make it big by looting it. Throw in some booze, jazz, lots of gunfire and some ideas ripped out of Italian Job, you have Mankatha. Do not be fooled, the movie doesn’t take you into the underbelly of cricket betting and its world. Cricket betting is just an excuse to bring in the 500 crore cash into the script. Mankatha’s script lazed under the shade of Ajit’s 50th film hype.

I believe Venkat was one of the few people who refused to go along the lines of “Vadivelu”-ish jokes in the tamil industry. I had respect for the guy’s creative treatment of comdey in Goa and especially in Chennai 28. But I guess Mankatha was mostly directed by stunt master Selva. Here I give credit to Selva as the stunts were slick enough.

Juxtapositioning of classical/slow BGM with stunts seem to be the latest trend nowadays. Disappointed to find it being used for the wrong reasons. There is some real comical relief towards the end of first half which proves that Venkat Prabhu should do more comedies.

The movie lacks purpose and it fails to grip. You pray for a change in the second half at least but you are met with repetitions all over again. The characters other than Vinayak’s dint have any personality. They were too rigid.

Ajit’s style was solid! I am worried he might set a smoking trend all over. Nothing mind blowing about the performance, but doning an anti hero role was really interesting. Inspector Vinayak really had attitude. Arjun, I almost forgot about you. I think the movie also forgot about you for a while, right?

Watch the film for the stunts and Ajit’s style (not performance). Hardcore Thala fans might excuse the rest. I learnt my lesson. A very slick trailer need not always promise an equally slicker film.

PS: Watch out for some out of the world hacking tricks of the likes of Die Hard 4 by Premgi.


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