Pranayam: Ageless

Direction: Blessy
Cast: Mohanlal, Anupam Kher, Jayaprada

Rain always brings memories of love and romance with it. This monsoon, Blessy and his ensemble cast showers memories of everlasting love through “Pranayam” into our hearts. When was the last time you watched an actual movie which addressed love and romance in Malayalam. A true venture which does not try to be idealistic but instead preaches the viewers the true essence of loving and being loved, Pranayam turns out to be one of those few films.

The plot in fact puts our characters in a very awkward situation to begin with. Achutha Menon, a small town guy with dreams of making big at football falls in love with Grace. They elope and marry only to be soon separated after Grace delivers their son. Achu brings up the child as a single father. Many decades later, Achu meets Grace again. Pranayam begins here.

Mathews, Grace’s husband is patient whose right half of the body is paralysed. Pranayam is not a Mohanlal’s film. It was interesting to watch Mohanlal side step and take a supporting but a highly pivotal role. The recent encounter of the three stirs uninvited rumours and talks among the people around them. The movie plays out and explores itself very beautifully from here.

The film is subtle in many aspects. It was like our elder generation was giving us a lesson or two in love and life. The romance is beautifully played out with the use of rain and the sea. They were part and parcel of the script itself. Blessy always has problem in conducting a perfect show and it is clearly evident from some scenes in the first half. The flash back narrative was necessary but it stood out like a sore thumb from the rest of the movie. And the film was drowned in music which was a thumbs down for me. Silence has its own importance. The second half of the movie is impeccable.

The cast gave a splendid performance. Anupam Kher was both vulnerable and a daredevil. Jayapradha was so full of love and our dear Lalettan, yet again,gave a splendid performance which can be deemed as one of his bests.

The film further addresses many other issues and relationships like that of Achu and his son played by Anoop Menon and how the society always looks into something in a negative way.

The movie moves you but it doesn’t leave you sad or crestfallen. It opens up some true feelings and emotions and I felt very refreshed watching Pranayam. This is without doubt one of the best movies that came out in that past 5 years.

Verdict: Pranayam has something to tell us. Go listen to it.

PS: Watch out for Lalettan’s song.

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  1. Anoop Menon surprised me. Amongst the cast of best actors in Indian Cinema, his relatively short role was worth noticing. Even intriguing.

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