Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(2011): True!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(ZNMD) lives up to it’s name! The movie makes you laugh like there is no tomorrow! It reminds you of your days in school, college, your special friends, your own three musketeers! And this is one of those movies where you just want to stop time; you are enjoying so much so that you are afraid the movie might end soon…

Plot in a line: 3 friends discover life, get rid of their ‘fears’.

Direction: Zoya Akthar, Story: Zoya Akthar and Reema Kagti
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akthar, Abhay Deol, Katrina Kaif, Kalki Koechlin

So what fears could three bloody-hot looking, rich guys have? It’s complicated, the movie is in layers. Let me introduce you to our guys first!

Kabir: Meet the simple, responsible, good guy. He is about to get married in two months to his girlfriend of 6 months! It is for his bachelor party that his friends join him on a road trip in Spain, and do an adventure sport of their choice. When you meet the rest, you will know that Kabir needs to be the judge between them.

Arjun: Next meet the hottest of all, but the most boring, workaholic, and money-centric hero ever in Indian Cinema. The others feel they have lost their old friend to “Moshi Moshi”! He has a fear of water, but deep with him, he just has many more fears. It takes Laila, their diving instructor to get rid of his fear of water. But what about his other fears? Watch the movie…

Imran: And now, meet my fav and the man who steals all the thunder with his wit and comic timing, in spite of slaps and chiding! Imran’s problems are bigger than his fear of heights. He comes to Spain not just to join his friends, but with an ulterior motive! Does he find an answer?

The movie sounds a lot like Dil Chahta Hai and yet is not, at the same time. When I reviewed Delhi Belly, I complained about movies that are of the ‘I fall-You laugh’ category. ZNMD teaches you how to execute these comedies with dignity. Half the comedy scenes are silly pranks that you and I played in school, but they make you laugh so hard and you reminisce your school pranks(if you played any!) and it doesn’t look ridiculous anymore!

The music sets the tone. Except for the Señorita song, which feels like an extra piece added in, even though it is a visual treat, all the songs are in place and perfect the mood. The movie is very casual from the beginning till end. No artificiality, no drama, and no loudness! Chic!

Here is a postcard for you from Spain. Meet Miss Bagwati!

A word about performances – Farhan steals the show! The life(be it singing, writing, dancing) he brings to his characters makes you fall in love with him in each of his movies (ok boys, ignore that!). Following him is Kat, who does a vibrant job as Laila. My least fav performance was Hrithik, although he may have suited his role well. I think  he tries so hard to do a good job that he forgets to breathe! Duggu, remember what Laila taught you – breathe! And Abhay is his charming self! Kalki also chips in, with not much scope of performing.

Zoya returns! With a movie much more livelier than her first one.

Oh, all you lovers of feel-good Bollywood comedies, there is hope!


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