Delhi Belly(2011): Double Take

Renu’s Take

After spending a month at a summer school, I was more than excited to watch a Bollywood movie on the day I arrived at Columbus! I had heard the warnings from friends and the trailer that the language was going to be explicit and I was more worried about my own not-so-complete Hindi vocabulary 😉 (only to find out later that the movie was almost entirely in English)

Delhi Belly’s plot is based on the twists and turns in 3 people’s lives after an unusual mix-up!

The plot is a exaggeration to keep the movie entertaining. No complaints! Three roommates carry on with their lives, each one lives it the way he likes! Tashi is about to get married to the girl he supposedly loves. His rich in-laws and his fiancee plan his entire life. Nitin enjoys what(ever) he does! (Watch the movie to find out what he does best!) And Arup hates his monotonus life as a cartoonist! Arup reminded me heavily of the characters from the movie Office Space. Among the ensemble of characters that take you through a laughter riot in the next 90 so minutes are a fiancee, an entire Bollywood ishtyle Goonda team, a Russian smuggler, a confused landlord, a non-nonsense journalist, her ex-husband, and not to forget, a pop singer and a disco dancer!

There is a lot of explicit language, scenes that could gross you out and it is an entirely different debate as to whether these scenes were necessary in that form. Let us not get into that! he high point of this movie and what sets this movie apart from every other Bollywood comedy movie that has come in the past 2-3 years or so are the creativity and spontaneity! It is not a silly spoof or I fall-you laugh comedy like Golmaal series; neither is it a no-brainer like from the Akshay Kumar camp! The movie is pure fiction, yet it lights up Delhi and the characters to their full glory!

Apart from the already chartbusting songs, the nice part is the execution of these songs in the movie. Kept short, the movie is made for the urban crowd who prefer the Hollywood ways of things; yet has the Bollywood spirit totally alive. I am usually very critical of the Aamir Khan productions (call them over-hyped and surreal), but about this one I say whole-heartedly – Don’t miss it! You never know when such a rib-tickling, intelligent, creative movie will hit the theatres next!


Vishnu’s Take:

When was the last time you saw a full and full comedy flick that is NOT a slapstick and the makers do NOT ask you to “leave your brains at home”? Its been quite long. After a sloppy innings of Game, Abhinay Deo, teams up with AK productions takes you to the underbelly of Delhi with twists and turns that will keep you rollicking and ROFLing.

Delhi Belly starts with the tried and tested formula of the ‘classic’ mixup that takes our protagonists into the middle of the rumpus. But the good thing is the movie is not based on the mix up. Tashi, Arup and Nithin, our three roommates have their own zillion problems to deal with in life. Adding to that, they become the target of a band of smugglers.

The Screenplay was quick, crisp and cussy. Profanity is being used quite a lot in our movies lately. But here it doesnt come naturally and one gets the feeling of deliberate and unnecessary usages at places.

The humour is handled well. It is not in-your-face slapstick. Some times the humour is subtle. Other times you get the joke only later. Altogether its a fun jolly ride with the 3 friends and the gangsters. ‘DK Bose’ pumps up the viewers and adds pace to the narrative.

This is one music album which I love for its sheer creativity and experimentation. Each song is a tribute to a genre of music. DK Bose, punk Rock, Nakkadwale ghazal, Switty Switty punjabi hip hop etc. And the tracks are well used in the movie. All the song picturisations were simply awesome. Farah Khan’s choreography of ‘Jaa Chudail’ was so energy packed and aggressive. Also the punk styled DK Bose and spoofy ‘Switty Switty’ and ‘Nakkadwale’. Super creative works.

The narrative doesn’t waste time anywhere and keeps us hooked. Every sequence shown or dialogue rendered has some significance later on in the film. This was really catchy and definitely sparks some fun through retrospection.

The film is 96 minute long without any intervals. This is quite small a duration for our movies. This is infact the biggest drawback about Delhi Belly. The movie seemed like sticking to a time restriction all throughout. Confined in such a way, that it could not grow, the characters did not develop well. It seemed like they were just dropped in and left to explore. There was a lot of scope for some more insights to be shown into each character. Our friends did not get meaty roles in the film.

Imran gives an OK performance. Vir Das, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Vijay Raaz gave really good performances. Poorna Jaganathan was striking as the tomboyish daring character and Shenaz did well acting as her exact opposite.

Abhinay tried giving the Guy Ritchey plot a Tarantino-ish touch. But I wasn’t satisfied with the execution of the True Romance styled sequence towards the end. It could have been awesome icing to the laugh riot.

Forgiving some exaggerations, Delhi Belly was a jolly fun ride into the underbelly of Delhi (well that rhymes. 😀 ).

Rating: 3/5

PS: Better not carry any eatables or food items while watching the film. You will know why 5 minutes into the film.

PPS: AK productions always have something up their sleeves to market a film. There is a surprise in the end.

Shake that Biskoot Baby !!!



  1. loved the movie. havent laughed so much , in a very very long time. and as u mentioned, it was definitely not slapstick…
    and hey , u can give it a 3.5 atleast 🙂

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