Pirates of Caribbean on Stranger Tides- Watch it for only for Captain Jack Sparrow!!!

Clearly, I became a huge fan of Captain Jack Sparrow when I finished seeing the first of the Pirates of Caribbean(POC) movie – Pirates of Carribean and the Curse of Black Pearl. Johnny Depp and the movie  with its awesome, refreshing and fast moving screenplay was soon one of my favorite movies.  The second part was a let down and the third part being a huge let down. But still the magic that the first part had created pushed me to keep on watching with a hope that Disney would someday do justice to Captain Jack Sparrow.

With this hope I saw its fourth instalment Pirates of Carribean on Stranger Tides.  Panned by critics all over, I had little hope for this movie. But a positive word of mouth made me watch this movie. My verdict is midway. I neither impressed nor hate the movie. Its definetly a better version than POC -II  and III,  but no where near the wonderful POC-I.

This edition takes from where it was left last time, Jack Sparrow on the pursuit of the Fountain of Youth, unwillingly, with a medley of Captain Barbossa ,Black Beard, English and the  Spanish  forces on the pursuit too.  New characters, Black  Beard and Jack’s long lost love Angelica (Penelope Cruz) add good spice to  the story and do make up for Elizabeth Swann( Keira Knightley) and Will Turner(Orlando Bloom)

But the biggest letdown of the movie is the length and the pace. With a story  setting that gave a canvas big enough for the writers to paint a wonderful adventure, POC 4 falls flat. It relies wholly on Captain Jack Sparrow’s character to bring spice to the movie. There are many unwanted subplots, and scenes that makes you yawn.Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is funny as ever and is successful in making you laugh and help you not to doze of in this 2.5 hours long movie.

Given the response to the movie across the world, I believe POC part -5 is not far . I will still watch it hoping Captain Jack Sparrow would finally regain his lost glory.I am going with 3/5 for this movie. Watch it if you are a Jack Sparrow fan, else keep watching  Pirates of Caribbean and The Curse of Black Pearl. Any day the best Pirate movie ever.


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