Ready(2011) – I was not so ready!

I missed Dabang! I have no idea if that movie was any good, but  I missed a movie that went on to become a blockbuster and that doesn’t make me feel very good! I am very serious about Bollywood you see, and hence decided there was no way I was going to miss this one! ( I must say that it was my dear roomie, Saumya Goel who was in the end responsible for me watching this movie!)

Plot in a line: Salman had to rule! No matter how unbelievable the movie was, even if the audience were tearing their hair apart, or in tears!

Directed by Anees Bazmee
Starring: Salman Khan, Asin, Arya Babbar, Paresh Rawal

Good for nothing, born in a rich family, can fight bad guys hero needs to be taught a lesson! His family seeks help from a Guruji who suggests a prospective Bahu for the family. In a deliberate mix-up runaway bride Asin takes up the place of this Bahu! Beyond this point, all you get to see is so called scary Goondas who look like jokers and act like morons; comedians who only end up making a fool of themselves; family members pulled out from every Bharjatiya movie (Sallu keeps acknowledging this); a couple of dance moves that is pulled out from a bunch of South Indian movies! Even the dialogues were copied from different places and when they weren’t, they were just plain bad! And of course, Sallu has to take his shirt off!

Ready is a remake of Telugu movie Ready(2008) which was remade into Kannada as Raam in 2009, and in Tamil as Uttamaputran in 2010, apparently! I have seen neither and am curious to know why such terrible movies would be remade for a wider audience and if the original was such a big hit? ‘I can do whatever I want, and I will still have an audience to applaud me‘ is the vibes I got from this movie!

I am officially declaring Ready the worst movie I have seen in a while (yes, surpassing Tees Maar Khan). If Dabang was of this sorts and became a blockbuster I am giving up all hopes on humanity!


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