Kung Fu Panda-2 (2011) – Po inspired by Rajinikanth!

I watched this movie last Friday, the day it released! I held on to myself for sometime before I wrote this review for two reasons: 1) I don’t recall the first edition of this movie as I do fondly recall Finding Nemo or Happy Feet! 2) Although I enjoyed this movie thoroughly, I did not know what to write when I sat down!

Plot in a line: Panda Po has to save Kung- fu!

Directed by Jennifer Yuh.
Voice  Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman.

Now for a little bit of details – The peacock Shen with the powerful discovery of cannon wants to conquer the whole of China. He is prophesied to die at the hands of a black and white warrior, and hence he goes about killing all warriors! Master Shifu orders Panda and the gang to go to Gongmen City and destroy the cannon and save Kung Fu and tells Panda that the only way he can do that is be achieving inner peace. The movie begins with a stunning action scene of the Furious Five and that remains my favorite throughout the movie! The Five take you through an enjoyable journey to Gongmen City and there begins the real action! Will Po destroy the destroyer of Kung Fu? Will it break Po’s heart to realise that the geese is not his real father? Will Po attain inner peace?

Overall, I had a lot of fun watching this movie. Po had us in splits pretty much all the time with his cute expressions, one-liners, and actions! Master Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Mantis, and Crane provide the action and the comic support to Po. It is impressive to see how a peacock was converted into such a deadly and cruel villain. The action sequences were stunning, and the best in any animation movie I have seen so far! The animation industry never ceases to amaze me. I wonder how they manage to pack expressions and emotions into cartoons so efficiently! Were you one of the few that got offended by my title line? (You either like Po too much or don’t know who Rajini is) To know why I feel Po is inspired by Rajini, you need to watch the movie! I am tempted to say animation movies are much inspired by Bollywood/Indian Cinema! Can’t deny that all the drama, action, surreality you see in animation movies have been always there in Indian films, just in human form!

Alright, keeping my Bollywood obsession aside, I rate this movie enjoyable, fun, and more fun, but is not on my top 3 animation movies list!



  1. saw this yest… not that good as the first part.. but neverthless far superior CGI…It was awesome in 3D…

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