Ragini MMS: Startling not Scary

Direction: Pawan Kripalani
Cast: Raj Kumar Yadav, Kainaz Motivala

Ektha Kapoor once again decides to portray the youth as voyeuristic and sex driven after LSD, in Raagini MMS. But this time its with a twist. Its threesome with a ghost. The plot is catchy enough. I felt, it could be either total bullshit or something quite entirely different. But the promos gave me a ‘Paranormal Activity’-ish feel and I feared a total rip off of the hollywood super hit. Well not entirely.

Uday wants to make a sex tape of Ragini. He takes her to an abandoned house fully wired up with 20 something cameras, of course Ragini unaware of this ulterior motive. As things get hot between the couple, the paranormal decides to kick in.

For those who have seen Paranormal Activity, Ragini MMS might seem like the hollywood movie in multiple angles, Big Boss eshtyle. The narrative chosen had its constraints but its commendable. The whole movie is from the viewpoint of various cameras. Its realistic and like raw footage. Brace yourself for some shaky cams and head spinning shots. This narrative itself poses as a constraint.

Kirpalini has interestingly edited the footages to keep you hooked and give you some spooks. The narrative chose to be realistic, but the film still used background music. Now that seemed like defeating the whole purpose why the movie was made to be so realistic, right? BGM is used to a very large extent to generate mood, introduce elements, and give you the spooks. Taking that extra bold decision of NOT using BGM and still doing a wonderful execution with the plot would have been an awesome feat for the film. It was a big let down.

It was a big let down due to the very fact the movie was startling and not scaring. It turned out to be just another startler film that employs tense and sudden BGM, and quick reflexes with the camera to scare you. In fact the whole take on the ghost is not at all that scary (almost like Casper :P).

Raj Kumar and Kainaz put up some really good performances. Uday is a complete spineless arrogant guy and Ragini is bold, beautiful and helpless. Both have done justice to their roles.

The film is a thumbs up for the performances by the leading pair and the very fresh and innovative narrative used. We have not witnessed such a screenplay and a new take in our movies till now. The film makes a not so obvious remark on the MMS scandals and sex rackets in the nation too. It manages to expose the filth to us and made me feel disgusted about the whole issue.

The let downs are the spook factor. The movie is not that scary. You are startled throughout the film, but we are all fed up of that aren’t we. Anyone can give you a jolt but it takes sheer genius to scare you through all your senses that you don’t want to move a muscle.

I even felt so much voyeurism was needed at all. The movie is a big NO NO for family audience. The movie can be best enjoyed at the comfort of your home and alone. If you decide to watch the movie with your family then be ready to make excuses to leave the room often so that you dont feel embarrassed with the cuddling and smooches.

It is not a must watch or path breaking horror movie. Just an OK film. You won’t be missing much if you skip this one. But it is interesting to watch the story telling used here at least once.

A much better movie we suggest is Paranormal Activity. It builds the mood throughout, much spookier and guess what, the whole film is shot with just one handycam. A much better thriller than this one.

PS:  Which horror movie starts the opening credits with Hanuman Chalisa, which is a prayer. Interesting


One comment

  1. Such a time waste movie! why on earth did Ektha produced a copy of paranormal activity, when India is a nation full of ghost stories, cant understand. She started the movie with indian prayer but it turned out to be a complete hollywood take off!! The acting part was more of comic nature than invoke any fear…

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