Aadukalam – Fierce!!

Today morning I got up to a pleasant surprise, as I was surfing through the news, I saw that “Aadukalam” had sweeped the National Awards.  That reminded me that it was time we honored this movie in popcorn cousins. So here we go, my take on Aadukalam the winner of 6 National Awards.

After a blasting start with “Pollathavan”, Director Vetrimaran and Dhanush get to gether  again,this time in a rural backdrop,where rooster fights are a way of life. This story is about Pettiakaran(VIS Jayabalan) , the unbeaten patriach of this game and his two proteges KP Karuppu(Dhanush) and Durai(Kishore).  Though they are initially pitted against the common rival, Rathnaswamy(Nareyn), soon Karuppu’s victories turn Pettaikaran into a beast of jealousy. How Karuppu’s life changes due this venom of jealosy forms the rest of the story.

Dhanush with his impeccable accent and excellent acting has fitted the role like a glove in the hand. VIS Jayabalan as the jealous master , has suitably supported him.  What makes this movie good is that it is a perfect cocktail of everything. Cockfights on one hand and Dhanush’s romance with Irene(Tapasee) on the other.

This movie has G V Prakash’s best compositions(Yathe Yathe and Otha Solala). The cock fight animations are realistic and advanced. Commendable performances from Dhanush, Tapasee and VIS Jayabalan. Vetrimaran’s best till date, this movie truly deserves the award and accolades.One of the best movie ever to come out of Sun pictures stable , “Aadukalam” takes you in a roller coaster ride of emotions . I give 4/5 for this movie and its time to grab those DVDs in case you have not watched it yet. Paisa Vasool!!!


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