Anubandham (1985)

Language: Malayalam
Script: MT Vasudevan
Cast: Mammotty, Mohanlal, Shobana, Seema
Director: IV Sasi

I chanced to watch this gem of a movie while skimming through channels quite late in the night. It was aired by Asianet as their 11pm movie. I got very engrossed and settled the remote away. It was the scene when Mammootty comes to the village area as a teacher looking for a house for rent. What impressed me right away was the clarity in the dialogues, so neat and spontaneous.I was hooked.

It was an MT-IV Sasi picture. The movie is set in the backdrop of a village where Mammotty comes as a Govt teacher. He meets his old student, widowed Seema, who lives a helpless life with her son Harikuttan. Vijayam(Shobana) is the neighbour living with her husband Bhaskaran (Mohanlal) and son. Mammotty helps Seema set up a nursery school for a living and thus the story unfolds in that hostile village.

The core element of the film is children. Initially its about the friendship between Harikuttan and Vijayam’s son which is resented by her. Movie moves forward and the kids are torn between the curses and impurity of adults. The backdrop of a teacher, the nursery school, all emphasise the importance of children in the movie. The film tells the tale of an impure adult filled society witnessed by the innocent minds.

A child’s mind is very delicate and can be shattered or affected easily. IV Sasi has beautifully given a very sensitive and delicate treatment to the whole film. It is meticulous and hard hitting at the same time. A lot of issues are dealt with here; broken marriage, love, friendship, a hostile society, all these are richly crafted into the script.

Cast was splendid. When all the actors are top notch and give their best performances it just moves you. And just observe the cast itself. While Mohanlal is not the prime character here, he manages to move you to tears towards the end. I cant help mention that efficient dialogue delivery and those subtle expressions. He doesn’t act, he lives.

Mammotty was no where behind. He plays a mentor, a father and a person in true love with so much depth. It was a cinematic treat so immaculate.

Not to mention the child casts. Harikuttan showed quite a lot of talent in acting. All the other toddlers were so cute.

Moving away from the acting and script, there are some subtle aspects of that film that are so striking. The nuances of the village so perfectly etched is very commendable (the sharing of the specs scene etc). The mannerisms of the people and a lot more elements, all that we dont explicitly remember but it lingers in our head. That prompts us to entitle the film, ‘Oru Class Padam’.

I luckily chanced to watch this and I could not wait to share my thoughts with you all. If you haven’t watched this one, do yourself a favour and watch it. It just reminds us that malayalam movies of those times can indeed be termed Precious Gems of Film Making.

Anubandhanam is delicate, subtle and leaves you moved. A definite watch.


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