Seniors: Ragging the Box Office

Language: Malayalam
Director: Vaishak
Cast: Jayaram, Ananya, Kunchako Boban, Biju Menon, Manoj K Jayan

You don’t get to see Jayaram, Manoj K Jayan, Biju Menon and Kunchako Boban team up that often in our films. Well they are Seniors in our industry, and now they are back to rag the Box Office !!

Well I take some precautions before watching a malayalam movie nowadays. I ask like minded sources how the movie is and then only venture. I cant sit through movies like Christian Brothers (seriously I dint like it) and its likes. Well the posters and campaigns of Seniors seemed interesting and the news that the movie is fairing well over the weekend, why not go for this.

Plot: The four friends, Jayaram, Biju Menon, Manoj K Jayan, Kunchako are classmates in a college. During their college days a girl is murdered and the four are blamed for it. Jayaram is found guilty and he goes to jail for 12 years. When he returns he pursuades his friends to go back to college with him as PG students. Amidst fun and frolic, the truth is unearthed about the death that happened years ago.

The cast was splendid. The four friends complimented each other superbly. Do not expect some top notch acting or something., we are talking about pukka commercial masti here. Manoj K Jayan and Biju Menon are married while Kunchako is still single. Some how they manage to get back into the college. Yes the seniors have arrived.

The first half is full fledged comedy. It is handled very well. Quick and quirky, the dialogues are filled with double meanings, ‘Theppu’s and the college slang. Well you can argue its catered for the youth audience but everyone will enjoy the comedy. Biju Menon was a rave with his ‘Kalip’ look and dialogue delivery. Watch out for the conversations with his son.

I used to hate how movies depict college scenarios, especially in movies like Puthiya Mugham. As a big relief this was handled pretty well by Vyshak, but dont expect it to be like ‘Niram’, ‘Kasthuriman’ or ‘Classmates’. Almost all the usual constructs of college life, the slangs, the ‘vellam adi’ sessions, the usual talks around the campus are all pretty well handled. I could relate quite a bit to my college life.


  • Superb comedy in the first half.
  • Suraj was tolerable. Thank God !!
  • The great sync in the cast, the four friends. Well Kunchako was a slight misfit.
  • Manoj K Jayan and Biju Menon. Hi5 performances.
  • Choreography of one particular song was good.

Downside: On the downsides, though the plot was interesting, the suspense dint quite make that strong mark. No big deal. :). Of course there were some seriously unwanted scenes in the second half. I really wished they weren’t part of the film.

The music (BGM) was terrible. It was a big let down in the whole movie. The movie could have been better with some polishing works.

But I forgave all that and had fun. I suppose you all will do that. Just go enjoy the Friends reliving their college days again. Its not slapstick or light humour, but FUN performance by the cast. Dont expect much, the plot is not that witty and all.

Verdict: Great fun watch. 2.7/5

PS: To those who like to ruin the suspense of movies to your friends by texting them beforehand, may you all rot in hell cause you all are a bunch of losers.

PPS: Watch the movie with your friends rather than your family.


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