Dum Maaro Dum!

The perfect recipe to a Bollywood Action Movie:


  • A rich, mean Mafia head
  • A good cop with a flashback
  • A handsome young guy helping the good (this could be combined with the cop)
  • A beautiful women with the bad guys – gives opportunity for another flashback
  • An ambitious kid with dreams in his eyes
  • Close assistants to the good cop
  • An item girl in short skirt
  • Season with other characters of your choice


Go to an exotic locale with nice beaches(can be substituted with landscape of your choice). Let everyone but the good cop live there. You will find that the mafia head starts ruling over people’s lives by making them his victims. Bring the good cop into the picture by telling his flashback and earning people’s sympathies. By this point, the mafia’s latest victim would be the ambitious kid. If you have pulled it through here(with songs, flashback, and various other stuff), you would have naturally created a link between all the ingredients. From now, let the recipe take its own course. Just remember the rule: Its the good vs the bad!

If you have tried this recipe in any form, please let us know if you liked it.

Note: Yes, I recently watched the movie Dum Maaro Dum.  We have seen this formula many times before. I did not get bored but for a change, I will just leave it at that, and let you decide!

Directed by Rohan Sippy. Starring Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Rana Duggubati, Prateik Babbar and many more


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