Extension – Say hi to Vinod Seshadri

Last year, this time Vishnu and Renu were contemplating the idea of staring a movie review blog! The idea was the result of know each other’s love for movies, having enjoyed the few movies that we watched together, and sitting at two ends of the world, watching the same movies! In a few weeks, popcorncousins was finally launched. Happy ending to the idea and the beginning of the cousins! 🙂

This year, we are discussing how we would like to celebrate the first year anniversary! We have happy to have received immense support from friends and family around us! We have reviewed close to 50 movies, and have already hit 10,000 views! And of course, our love and appetite for movies has only increased! A big thanks to all you people who follow, read, comment, and give feedback on our reviews! It means a lot to us when we see the ever-increasing stats and the comments. Please keep showering us with all the love and tell us how we can better your experience at popcorncousins!

As the first part of our celebration, we are extending the family as Vinod Shesadri joins the popcorncousins as a regular blogger! Yay!! The more, the merrier! Vinod has been one of our top followers, critic, and also the winner of the Popcorn Cousins Oscar Quiz! You can read his previous reviews on Megamind and Rango. Now, get ready for more and more reviews from the trio! Here is a little more about this movie buff:

  A Software professional by profession and a wandering traveler by heart, I love movies. Not a particular fan of any genre/director, I love watching Sharukh, Leonardo,Tom Hanks,Al pacino ,Mohanlal and Johny Depp on screen. And of course, I worship Rajinikant.:)

Welcome Vinod to Popcorncousins!


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