Roman Holiday(1953) – A Colorful Black & White movie!

There was no way I was going to watch an old black-and-white movie! It took quite a bit of persuasion, to get me to watch the Roman Holiday!

Directed by William Wyler.
Starring: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert

Princess Ann or Anya Smith is touring Europe. She is tired of her monotonous royal life, meeting aristocrats and shaking hands with them!ย  One night, she decides to run away from her princess life. It so happens that a few minutes before this decision, she was drugged by the doc so that she would stop acting hysterical and go to sleep. So, a drugged and sleepy Princess goes out and sleeps off on the streets. She is picked by Mr Bradley who takes her home for he finds no better choice! The next day, he finds out who she really is, but only after missing a scheduled interview with a Princess ( that wouldn’t have happened anyway!). No to win a bet, he has to get the Princess’ interview! So that’s what the rest of the movie is about – how Bradley tries to entertain the Princess,ย  Anya’s first holiday, and does Bradley really win the bet!

Simply put, this movie is a must-watch. I hate to accept but it shouldn’t have been so difficult to convince myself to watch this one. (The BW factor did not matter at all!) After all, this movie boasts of multiple Academy Nominations and being on top of many must-watch romantic comedies. Audrey Hepburn looks beautiful beyond words and is a complete Princess in this movie. This is what you call an ever-green movie!

All I missed was a Bollywood ending ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. please never ever review classics,
    i suggest the author should review new movies, (with the experience you have obtained from all old classics).

    first of all, this will be bad mark on the author. the readers will think that, the reviewer is with less experience.
    havn’t seen all these great movies, how can one write a good review?. i saw reviews of so many great movies(old) here without proper analysis.

    what prompted me to write this comment is this line
    ” The BW factor did not matter at all!”
    let me tell you one thing, all my fav movies are black and white, starting from casablanca.

    this is one of the classics, and Hepburn is soo good that we have her face whenever we come across the word princess (before diana ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

    even for last yrs oscar winning movie – blackswan – your reveiw was very bad. for eg. we cant compare it with ‘shall we dance 1936 movie’ for the dance, may be as a psychological thriller it was ok.

    please we expect some good reviews in the future.

    1. Slacker, thank you for the critical comment, definitely helps to get this sort of feedback!

      Well, it is true that I am less experienced in English movies! I was not brought up watching them. I started watching more Hollywood movies much later in my life.. so naturally I missed out on many classics that came out before I was born! There are many like me, I presume, who hadn’t heard of this movie – like I had not until a few weeks ago! I am making up for what I missed! (And come on, it is not my fault that I was born so late that Diana had conquered the princess tag!)

      B&W is a personal prejudice! I am used to a colorful life and it was a compromise I was not ready to make – this movie of course proved me wrong!

      Anyway, these justifications apart, I will definitely take your comment seriously, to some extent and review more new movies! But for people like me who missed out on such classics, I definitely do want to give suggestions – in which case, I will do some research and give a good analysis!

    2. @slacker9 most of the old movies written here are suggestions to the readers or in some cases tributes. which reviews where you mentioning. We ask so we can do a better analysis from those again.

  2. hi renu & cousins,
    i want u to write review on new movies, but dont write review for classics, what i suggest is make a list of wanted movies, and as soon as u watch a classic add it(no need to mention when u watched it).
    for a person like me, a die-hard fan of old classics, felt the comments were not upto the mark, and the readers count these movies along with the usual movies.

    thousands of wanted movie lists are available in the net. just watch all of them, tht is what we do. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    do write reviews of new movies on tht week itself.
    for eg source code is a great movie.

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