Rango – “No man can walk out on his own story.”

When the first trailer of Rango hit the TVs, I really was not too keen in watching this movie. Why? Simple. The characters looked weird .Not the usual chubby and good looking ones. Well, that is what Rango is all about.  Rango is a fun animation film that is made for adults. This movie tries to take on a serious issue in a very satirical way.
This story is about a Pet Chameleon finding who he is. Accidentally pushed into the Mojave desert, this chameleon wanders through the desert till he is guided by an wise armadillo to a little village called Dirt. Dirt is a is a typical wild west village, that is under the control of the Mayor . An Shikari shambu style killing of a preying outlaw hawk, propels the chameleon to a hero and he takes up the name of Rango. Impressed by his antics, he is appointed the new sheriff of the village by the Mayor. Water is of supreme value in this village  and bank which stores this precious water has only 6 days worth of reserve remaining. One night that too gets robbed. Adding to the mystery the banker is found wet and murdered.Who robbed it? Who killed the banker? Is the Mayor truly the good guy he shows himself to be or is he controlling the village’s water resource to control the people? Can Rango bring back the stolen water can?Can Dirt finally find water?Will Rango find his true purpose?The answers to these questions form the rest of the story.
May be this is the first time ever, a serious social cause of an impending water problem has been so well told in an animation film. Villages like Dirt are not a distant future. As Mayor says… , “Control the water, Control the village” might be the future of the world.  Jhonny Depp as Rango is super cool with a dialogue delivery that is true Depp Style. Another aspect of this movie is that all characters not the  usual ones.The director obviously has studied the desert animals of the Arizona regions and its indeed a different experience to see  animals like armadillo,desert rats get animated.
Kudos to the writers for blending a social cause in an animated film seamlessly but still not making the story preachy.Its  mature way of story telling will keep the adult viewer attached till the end.A true wild west movie. A special appreciation to the Nickledeon Movies CGI, which is a level up than the usual one. The hallucinations that Rango undergoes and the fight sequences were truly mind blowing.A bit more tighter screenplay and better dialogues would have made this movie a classic for all times. Neverthless, Rango is a must watch for everyone and I go with 3.5/5 for this wonderful attempt. This is indeed a welcoming break in the way animation films and stories are made and told.


  1. one of the very bad reviewwww …..
    i think the reviewer should watch lot of westerns and then he can appreciate the movie much better..
    even the name is adapted from a famous western DJango by franco nero an italian movie.(we had lot of good westerns from italians). even the fist music is also from django.
    infact i was expecting a final gunshot as in django.

    you can see that ‘each and every plot’ (shot) has something to do with westerns,(all background music) – that is the beauty of this movie.

    1. Slacker,
      Interesting comment!!! I am a big fan of Westerns, and I do feel that Rango’s true strength was how it was influenced by these westers. As I had said in my review, Rango is truly a “Wild West” movie.

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