Office Space(1999) – What’s happening?

“What’s happening?” These words introduced me to the movie Office Space. A post-doc with my adviser, Konstantin Bobkov would come into my office and ask “What’s Happening” in a precise tone! When he repeatedly saw my nonchalant reply, he suggested that I watch this movie. As per our deal I will preserve the secret behind “What’s happening? “. For the curious readers, I suggest you watch the movie.

Directed by Mike Judge.
Starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, David Herman

Peter, a programmer at a company called Initech absolutely hates his job and the only thing he hates more in the world is his boss! On his (then) girlfriend’s suggestion he visits a occupational hypnotherapist, and this visit changes his life forever. Why? Because the therapist dies of a heart-attack leaving Peter in a hypnotized state. Peter carries on with life in the partly-hypnotized state, changing everything that he hated before and living life the way he wanted it to be! While his friends at work, Mike (that’s how he likes to be called) and Samir lose their jobs at Initech, Peter gets promoted in spite of being irregular and relaxed at work(Thanks to the Bobs)! Peter, Mike and Samir then decide to make a life for themselves with Mike’s “virus” idea to get back what they lost, from Initech. To find out what happens then, you need to go find a copy of the movie!

You can put this movie on your movie bucket-list, make sure you watch it with loads of friends – the more the merrier. One character who will keep you laughing in spite of your sympathy for him is one Milton (See pic). The movie has a lot of style and attitude in executing the comic scenes,  but the movie begins to dull down when things start getting serious at one point. And that’s why I am going to say that Office Space does not reach the heights of some other favorites like My Cousin Vinny or A Fish called Wanda. Overall, enjoyable but this suggestion comes with disclaimer.And yeah, there is Jennifer Aniston, who doesn’t do much.

One thing is for sure! Next time Konstantin comes in as says “Whats happening”, I will know exactly what’s happening. (Thankfully, I don’t work with him on a project, at least for now! 😉 )


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