Urumi: Visually perfect

It is the time of our great great great great great great grandfather. It is the wet, moist forests of Kerala. It is the showcase of everything beautiful about our country, our heritage. Its Santhosh Sivan with a story about a lad who wanted to kill Vasco da Gama.

Urumi takes us to the time long before seeds of revolution was sown into our martyrs hearts. It is set at the time when the foreigners set foot on our land as traders and later turned rulers. The story of the boy is narrated to our protagonist KD, set in our times. The story about how the boy’s father resisted the Portugese and met his death, the story of how the boy swore vengeance to kill Vasco da Game with his weapon, the Urumi.

It shows the dark sides of the great voyager Vasco da Gama and also the dark sides of our own people. The credibility of the story is questioned by many, however.

People who watched the movie said in unison, great picturisation, great locations, great camera work. You can give all these credits to the Director. Santhosh Sivan has shown what he is a magician at. Nature in all its beauty has been wonderfully captured here. The level of visualisation provided for the setup of the film is amazing. The costumes and all the art direction were apt and just reciprocated so well with the script. But it was like a beautifully decorated stage overpowering the performance by the actors and the screenplay.

The screenplay was very distracted and dragging. “Epic” movies have this tendency to be quite epic in its time duration itself to give an implicit meaning to the viewers. The screenplay strayed at various points unnecessarily. It failed to develop the mood that the story had potential to project. Mood building is this very forgotten technique over looked when such a massive project is taken, I believe. It is something which is lacking in many potential Malayalam movies lately that would have taken those movies to greater heights. The focal object, the Urumi was not picturised successfully until the ending.

Santhosh Sivan is an Indian heritage worshipper. Some one should make him the brand ambassidor for Incredible India. References to our culture, folklore, traditions and superstitions are adorned in his films. Also the symbolisms and the mapping of the present characters with the past  and the importance we should give in preserving our heritage was very crafty.


I felt some really bad choices made with the casting mainly due to the problem of lipsing. Most of the actors are not malayalis and the incorrect lipsing is clearly evident in all the close range shots, which was quite disturbing.

Prithviraj, turned out to be the spoiler. Not to be harsh on the person, he dint gel well with the character. The character of Kellu, has so much immense potential to become an iconic figure, who goes on to inspire masses, be elegant and magestic. But Prithvi dint succeed in delivering this. Same monotonous (his usual ) style of dialogue delivery and articulation throughout was boring. But his style, presence and looks stole the show as usual like all his other movies. It is time he shed his style factor and got into some real performances. On the other hand Arya who dint get a meaty piece brought his character to life effortlessly. Prabhu Deva too complimented Kellu very well as his best friend.

Nithya Menon and Genelia were really stunning to watch. It was refreshing to witness Genelia out of her usual bubbly character roles and do something different. May not be the greatest emoting ever, she has done justice. Amole Gupte as the Thampuran was a no win for me.

From a revenge movie, and the life of a warrior, the movie decided to conclude on the not of ever lasting love. That was out of the blue.


The movie as a whole is watchable.

The screenplay is distracted and not tight.

Lack of mood building. Though the music stood out, I got the feeling that there was more room for improvement.

Some poor performances and Casting issues.

Great visualization, art work and costumes. The movie is a visual treat.

Excellent dialogues. The movie had its moments, hair raising moments indeed and it owes to its dialogues.

Symbolism and great references to our culture.

Dragging and over use of slow motion, a cinematic technique not used for its need.

Some great dedication by the crew of this film truly paid off. The movie will be a success. Catch it.




  1. Ideal title for review

    “Visually Perfect ‘Script’ually Specially Abled”

    my take: loads of vulgar & obscene jokes. lots of scenes taken out of more famous movies like the final battle sequence from the last samurai. the psychedelic item number by an oracle was disturbing. the portuguese roles where realistic, no foreigners saying stupid english dialogue.

    Overall the movie was a challenge watching but the cinematography is awesome.

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