So you thought we stopped watching movies!

Yeah, agreed it has been a while since we posted –  doesn’t mean we can live for this long without watching movies! To keep up with the lack of activity for the past many days, let me accelerate here a bit! Its cricket season now, who cares about movies anyway! Before mine and Vishnu’s inactivity 3 movies released back to back and I, of course, watched all three. And how were they!

Saat Khoon Maaf

Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. Starring Priyanka Chopra, Neil Nitin Mukesh, John Abraham.

One of the most expected movies of the year! But it came and went without a trace. I wonder why! The story is about Suzzana who marries 7 times and each time her husband is killed. The movie is filled with lot of speculation and is open to interpretation.  To me, this movie was pretty good – almost like reading a novel. It evolved, it grew, and you had to read(see) between lines. The best part to me was how Suzanna matured with each husband. Priyanka Chopra is definitely one of the best Indian actress of the current times! I must mention that there are some really hair-raising scenes, scenes of seduction, duel, black-mail that is sure to give you goosebumps! In spite of the poor box-office performance, I would say you have missed something, if you have not watched this movie. So, yes, go watch Saat Khoon Maaf!


Band Baaja Baraat

Directed by Maneesh Sharma. Starring Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh.

One of the most talked-about movies of recent times, I kept wanting to watch this due to sheer curiosity! The movie starts out fresh – I mean freshly recycled from times when short skirts were still less common on Hindi Cinema. Shruti and Bittoo start out as two innocent, cheerful, old-fashioned Bollywood kids. They aspire to start a business – shadi planning business! Slowly, as the movie progresses, it falters. Old school Bollywood gets mixed up with new style Bollywood and things go wrong. Things fail Yashraj style. By the end of the movie, I was so tired of this one. Anushka Sharma is alright as Shruti. I still find it hard to believe so many people actually like Ranveer Singh!


Tanu weds Manu

Director: Aanand Rai Cast: R. Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut, Jimmy Shergill

Ok, this one was totally my fault. I should have stay as far as I could from this movie. My love for Maddy can’t save me from saying totally bad things about Tanu weds Manu. In which universe does it happen that a person after flying for about 8 hours goes straight to another city to go check out a prospective bride; and that too on second class trains and cycle rickshaws (The transportation is not my problem, but come-on what about being tired, jet lagged??) He in fact “falls in love” with a girl that he does not even talk to! Oh, please movie makers –  make believable plots; put yourself in the scene and think if you would ever want this to happen to you! Kangana Ranaut, after all that wonderful show in Fashion is unbearable to watch. My kind advice to you please stay as far as possible from even the alphabets of the title. If you already happen to watch it, my sympathies are with you!



  1. hey guys,

    I really like your blog! Great job! 🙂

    Just a small suggestion: for people who don’t want to really know the story, but want to know if the movie is good or not, can you set up a rating system 1to5 or whatever..also perhaps some key words below it which hints at the plot without giving away much?

    well, just a suggestion 🙂

    Keep it up!

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