Nadunisi Naaygal (The Midnight Dogs): Weird, Thrilling

Director: Gautham V Menon

Cast: Veera, Sameera Reddy, Deva

Serial Killer genres are not familiar faces in Indian cinema. When GVM decided to venture into this genre I HAD to watch this. The trailers looked slick and the movie had no music, songs or whatsoever, not even a background score. Things looked pretty damn interesting. Very Bold indeed. After the massive success with VTV Gautham Menon gets experimental. Film makers should experiment once in a while and test their creative extents. Its like gauging themselves. Well I should say NN dint disappoint me and in the same breath I will say its not a must watch.


NN is a psychological thriller about a lad from an abused kid to a psychopathic serial killer. Samar has a tough childhood with his father. After some childhood abuse and trauma which eventually leads to his fathers demise he is adopted by his neighbour Meenakshi, who changes his name to Veera. But things had already gone out of control in his head. A triple murder of cops and the kidnapping of Sukanya (Sameera Reddy) puts a police officer on the trail of Veera. The rest of the movie gets thrilling and keeps you at the edge of the seats. The movie is based on a true story.


No BGM/Music: Songs, music are indispensible factors in Indian movies. Let me even remind at this point about the other movies by GVM which were equally hit for their songs. For GVM to remove this important element from this movie is huge leap. But was it completely necessary.

Silence adds a new layer to the movie. It reflects the mood of the movie as it is. Remember movies like No Country for Old Men, and Paranormal Activity? But the screenplay has to be equally strong to not bore the viewers. NN is not a movie that completely needs this treatment.There are a lot of places which needed a BGM, it was dry. But the second half and the climax was truly sinister.

NN should have been a movie which will be remembered for the antagonist, the psychopath Veera. Veera good, but overacted at some places. He could not convince himself as a sinister villain we all fear. Veera has different layers to his personality. Only the second half it truly develops and turns scary. The movie was a let down in this aspect. Though the screenplay was commendable the plot gets questionable in the first half. The reasons and the transition into the psycho was not great. Another let down.

There is a lot of perspective changes depicted in the film, which can get disturbing. But stay patient and things will fall into place. The narrative is not that great. It was just something normal and nothing out of the box or new. Well its not the usual genre and an experimental attempt, I would have asked for something witty with the narrative.

Sameera Reddy outshone Veera. Some really good piece of acting. The dusky beauty is surely evolving. Movie will be noted for the screenplay, editing and cinematography. The whole movie was taken in natural light to give a realistic feel. The second half was entirely gripping. It was violent, tense, spine chilling. Awesome experience.

Final word: The movie is not for everyone. But its surely a movie worth watching and adding to your movie library if you are a movie buff. Some really good performances, editing, great job with the cinematography and a thrilling climax Nadunisi Naaygal is an experiment that dint go all that wrong. Its good. No need to rush to yourselves to the theatres, unless you are completely jobless. Do not rush out of the theatre once the movie gets over. Listen to the narration of the true story the movie is inspired from.

GVM stated in many of his interviews of the inspiration the cult movie ‘Sigappu Rojakal‘ by Kamal Hassan and Bharathi Raja drawn by NN. This sparked curiosity in me about the latter and I’m off to watch it.


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