Traffic: The Green signal is On

Director: Rajesh Pillai
Story: Bobby Sanjay brothers

So much talk and buzz around this movie for days. People using adjectives like ‘awesome’, ‘fresh’, ‘cult’ I felt irritated and anxious to watch the movie. But it was only recently I could fulfil this desire and I was not disappointed. I walked into the theatre after hearing some mixed feelings about the movie. Some said its super awesome, while others said its a good attempt and nothing mind blowing about. Hence I could maintain neutrality.

Plot: Traffic is about 4 strangers and how one fateful day their lives overlap and become interdependent. A wannabe journalist (Vineeth Srinivasan), a Super Star film celebrity(Rahman), a doctor (Kunchako Boban) and a traffic police(Sreenivasan), four complete strangers. A single incident which sets rolling a chain of incidents is what Traffic is all about. The movie is incomplete without other pivotal characters taking forward the movie. Traffic is an ensemble cast movie.

Sanjay and Bobby brothers pulled off a great show with such a fabulous and crisp script. They managed to etch out innocence and turmoils of three teenage girls in Notebook so beautifully before. Here we see the dark and bright sides of life drawn into one gripping clock ticking tale. One of the comments which I kept hearing from people who saw the movie was about the ‘flawless’ nature of the script. Well, you have almost reached there. Great job and I am eagerly waiting for Casanova.

Direction: The movie is gripping especially towards the climax. It keeps the viewer really engaging. Rajesh Pillai did fairly well with his treatment to the script, the parallel narration of the characters and all. But there are instances were you really feel things could have been much much better where the execution went sloppy and when the transition of the sequences was not smooth. Just when the movie keeps you at the edge of the seat is when it next decides to show some touchy emotions. At places some scenes were cleverly avoided. So wrapping it up I concur with Arjun Venugopal, a good attempt.

Acting: All went quite well though you may not find show stealing performances. Sai Kumar displayed some really good acting. Kadhal Sandhya and Asif Ali were mediocre. Anoop Menon dint get a meaty role in the movie which was not gratifying. Not that Rahman‘s acting was bad, a much bigger star like Mammotty would have added more dimension and vigour to the movie. But this would be at the cost of not giving the Star the central figure status in the movie. Well its just something I felt.

Verdict: A well made crisp script overlooking some of the portions where things could have been much better, Traffic is really good movie. Its gripping, has a lot of entertainment quotient. The icing on the cake was that the movie actually conveyed some simple and overlooked truths of life. Discover them yourself. Traffic turns on the green signal for more wonderful movies to be gifted to Malayalam Cinema.


One comment

  1. The movie is really gripping, it was a great watch. Except that the first few minute were a bit dragging, the course of introducing the different characters in the movie.

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