Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu – Once upon a warrior!

Directed by : Prakash Rao
Cast: Sidharth, Lakshmi Manchu, Shruti Hassan, Harshitha

Last weekend, me and a friend decided to watch a Telugu movie! YES! I do not speak/understand Telugu, yet that does not keep me from watching one! Some Telugu movies that I have watched and loved are Bommarillu, Happy Days, Magadheera and a few more! If you want sheer enetertainment with loads of Masala, Tollywood is the place! Welcome Walt Disney Pictures to Tollywood! They present to you Anagananga Oka Dheerudu! The trailer totally blew me away!

A young girl, Moksha, with divine healing powers has to be saved from a serpent-witch! The witch wants to be super-powerful, for which she needs to sacrifice the little girl on a lunar eclipse night. Getting the little girl is not so easy since she is guarded by our blind hero, Yodha. There is of course Yodha love-story flashback which tells us how he lost his love and his eyes to some bad villians. Fairytale? Yes! Any good? Yes.. read further!

Anagananga Oka Dheerudu is intended to entertain children and it definitely will! (Except for one pretty annoying scene – if you have seen the movie, you probably know what I am refering to!) With a banner to boast about, “Walt Disney Movies”, it definitely has some of the coolest animations Indian cinema has seen. Watch out for the “Kakasura” scene where a crow demon jumps to transform into hundreds of flying crows. What impressed me further was that the animation was supplemented by very good sets and befitting make-up – adding up to a visual treat! Sadly, these effects do not make up for the lack of a good plot! The climax was a let down! The effects may fool the kids but not the adults. The blind man performance by Sidharth was also not very convincing and Shruti Hassan did not have much to do (Sad that she has been seen only in bad roles so far!) That leaves only Lakshmi Manchu, as Airendri with some credit!

Yet another reasonably fair fantasy movie from Tollywood. This is one genre that Indian Cinema has not seen too many – apart from a few mythological (if I may call that Fantasy) movies that were abundant a decade ago! This genre + Walt Disney is a welcome change – hope they are here to stay. Watch this one for the effects, with your family!

P.S. Disclaimer – I did not undertsnd the dialogues line by line and hence dont know if they were any good! My Telugu speaking friends – Any comments?


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