Megamind – Giving Bad a good name

Animation story telling have grown from time  to time from mundane fun movies to intellectual thought provoking movies with complex story lines. My love with animation movies started with “Lion King. From that time on, animation movies never failed to interest me, “awesome” animation movies like “Finding Nemo”, “Ratatouille” ,”Kung Fu Panda”, “Despicable Me”,”Wall E”,and greatest of all “Toy Story” not only have good graphics but are packed with hear wrenching, thought provoking story lines. “Megamind”  is one of them.

This is a movie about “Megamind”, a comical Super Villain, who gets pushed to super villainy by fate.He thinks he is destined to be a super villain. His sole purpose of his life is  to vanquish his arch nemisis , the good super hero of Metro City,”Metro Man” .
Their rivalry begins from the day they were forced out of  their planets to earth.Finally one day Mega Mind actually succeeds in his diabolic plans and kills “Metro Man” . Left with nothing else to do in his life, he creates a new super hero with “Metro Man’s” super power, to fight with. As Megamind would say “a very wickedly bad idea for the greater good of bad! “.But  Megamind soon realises that he has created something more than he could handle. How does the Metro City’s Super Villain becomes their Super Hero to save the city from his frankestein forms the rest of the story.
Power packed dialogues and awesome animated graphics are clearly the plus points of this movie. Megamind, the lovable super villain and his trusted aid minion, and their friendship reminded me of our own Munnabhai and Circuit. They are evil by actions but good at heart. The characters are endearing, even the jail officer whom Megamind outwits every time is adorable.
Megamind is combination of comedy, drama and insanity.  2010 has been a great year for animation feature films with classic movies like  “Toy Story 3 and Megamind “.I feel that its high time awards like oscars, start giving out individual awards for animation movies like “Best Character”,”Best  Screenplay” rather than cornering them to one catergory of “Best Animated Movie”. These movies are future, and I am officially one of their die hard fans.
A definite Watch!!!! In case you missed it in theaters, Catch it on Blue Ray and DVD releasing this month.


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“Vinod “-Travel loving – Software Developer – Another the cousin of the famous popcorn cousins.

English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu – I watch any of these language movies, thats a whole lot of movies.



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