Dhobi Ghat: Chat Review

Director: Kiran Rao
Cast: Aamir Khan, Pratheik Babbar, Monica Dogra, Kriti Malhotra


The movie plays around 4 key characters: Arun, Munna, Shai and Yasmin. The central character in this movie is Mumbai which narrates the story of these 4 individuals. Arun is a successful painter leading a sober life. He draws inspiration from the world around him for his works. Shai is a NRI banker who is on a vacation to pursue her passion of photography about rural India. Munna is a Dhobhi by day and a rat killer by night. A soft spoken and a sweet lad. And Yasmin is a typical housewife. The most interesting thing about the movie is how these principle characters are so dependent on each other even though they are from various walks of life. The movie is a tribute to Mumbai, the city where every Indian comes to fulfill his/her dream. The beauty is people are immigrants into Mumbai, but they are all inter-dependent and important to each other. There is an unspoken narration going on in the movie.

So here is the chat review on Dhobi Ghat.


Renu: Hey Vishnu, finally got to watch Dhobi Ghat!
Vishnu: oh great
SO? pour in your views
Renu: I am a little disappointed!
Vishnu: disappointed? *surprised*
Renu: It lacked passion and was shallow! Failed to impress me!
Vishnu: sorry to differ, I enjoyed the movie
Renu: It could have been so much better, since it was a brilliant idea..
Vishnu: It was slow if that is what you mean by shallow
Renu: Yes that is part of it!
Vishnu: but the movie actually took me to Mumbai with its sheer presentation
Renu: By shallow I mean, there was no scene that hit me!
Vishnu: Movies aren’t all supposed to hit you. they serve some purpose which the film maker intended in the beginning
Renu: Hmmm… And in this case?
Vishnu: well in this case
The movie is title “Dhobhi Ghat: Mumbai Diaries”
Movie is like a Diary entry which records the happenings of someones life
Like in life, you dont find things hitting and enchanting that often.
Life is all about the moment, the present
That freshness of the moment is depicted in the movie
Little instances in life that bring a smile to your face,some that shatter you..that is all life is about

Renu: Ok… that is what I felt missing
The last two points you said.. I found that the movie lived up to its name but failed to bring me a whole hearted smile. or shatter me at times
There were potential scenes to do it! But they only went half-way!

Vishnu: After first 10 minutes into the movie i realised this movie will not have a plot
That helped me enjoy the movie a lot.
I knew this is not going to have twists and turns now and then.

Renu: You know what I like about the movie?
Its awesome cast! All perfect fits to their characters – but again Munna was my fav!
Vishnu: Yes the acting.
Renu: I did not expect to see him in that role after Jaane Tu..
Vishnu: Prateik Babbar has a bright future
Renu: Yes I would love to agree with you!
Vishnu: his acting was crisp.
Renu: Are you a fan of Aamir Khan? Can I say something bad about him?
Vishnu: before you say anything
I’m an Aamir fan
and Aamir dissapointed me
Of course he is this sober,divorced, art geek but he was not convincing at occasions
He should have taken some pointers from mammootty’s movie ‘Ore Kadal’

Renu: Yes.. His act of sober was robotic, monotonous, and emotionless!
Vishnu: May be he was worried to act under his wife’s command
Renu: I havent’ seen that one! But I agree he did not live up to his name!
😀 ha ha
Yasmin was fresh, and Shai was just ok!

Renu: Could have been better! Good idea, bad implementation! Thats my take!
Vishnu: The screenplay could have been much better.
Kiran Rao supports the pace of her movie saying that life is not a fast paced scenario filled with thrills all the time.
But at times the pace lacked, due to repitations
Renu: Yeah but thats not why I pay to watch a movie, so that I can see slow-placed life all over again!
Vishnu: yes!
I’m a more forgiving and patient person when it comes to movies. I went to watch the movie with a friend of mine and he slept all through the movie.
I enjoyed Dhobi Ghat but I would not recommend it to anyone else
You cannot disregard the movie completely as “not worth the money”
Renu: I am a little skeptical about that – If you haven’t watch it yet people, then wait for a better off beat movie! Thats my call!
Vishnu: The cinematography took me from my theatre and placed me in Mumbai. Tushar Kanti Ray has done an aesthetic job

Renu: Hmmm… Maybe it was too far to take me from here(in the US) to Mumbai… 😀

The movie was very fresh. It had all the nuances of Mumbai (well I cant comment completely on this). The repetitions ruined the flow
Renu: On a serious note, I agree!
Vishnu: Well we must not forget its a woman’s perspective. Nothing male shovenist, but a female under current in the movie was evident
that was why it was less noisy and more aesthetic. even the part which brings in gangs of mumbai it was not convincing

Renu: The bottomline is – It was not all that entertaining for me, and as I am happy about Bollywood making intelligent cinema, I am worried about there being less and less good “masala” movies!

That is where the script is NOT flawless
Renu: I dont agree with that point that you made there – Salaam Bombay was an excellent movie made by a female and was way better than this one!
Vishnu: Well haven’t seen that
Renu: You should! 🙂
Vishnu: ok so summary and verdict?
Renu: Good effort, brilliant in certain areas but overall unsatisfactory to me!
Vishnu: A very beautiful movie, with some excellent cinematography. Its plotless and not for everyone. You can skip the theatre experience and wait for the DVD release. The ending wont dissappoint you

Renu: Oh yeah, agree with the last line 😀


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