Short Movies for a hobby!

Views on FB Addict:

A few days ago, we got to see the movie made by Vishnu, Tibu and their friends. I believe it was their first at movie making and overall I enjoyed it the first time I saw it!

Sriram and Ganesh – two others cousins from PopCorn Cousins join me in reviewing (its a short film so it is just a follow-up) FB Addict and we have some suggestions for Vishnu & Co. I liked the theme of the movie – Facebook Addict! Apt for the current situation around us. Vishnu says in his post “Making a documentary is easier than making a film“. I am not so sure about this – I think both of them are equally challenging as each other. A movie requires a good plot, while a documentary requires a good layout of the material that makes it an interesting watch. Fb addict had a decent material, presented in a linear fashion. I liked the stories shared, it was something that all of us can relate to, I wish it was a little more fast paced – tighter editing could have helped here. The movie was quite strong on the technical side, for a first timer. I personally found the audio mixing very good. Sriram suggests using a hidden mic to avoid the echo. I found the camera a little shaky in some parts that could have been avoided. Ganesh brings up an important point of lighting especially for the indoor shoots – and Sriram and me totally agree with him.

Short Films:

If narcissism is allowed, I would like to talk about my “Bade baap ki Choti Beti” and “Phir Dhoom” and how much fun me and my friends had making these movies (For the curious, please look them up on Youtube 🙂 ). I am sure Vishnu and his friends will agree with me. Search on youtube and you can find hundreds of very good short movies made by non-professionals and some of them are worth talking about! In a day and age, where almost everyone can own a good video camera, and find a good video editor all it takes is some creativity, and a bunch of friends to make a short film. And you always have Youtube to release it on, and Facebook to market it! The experience is awesome! After making a 10-minute movie, most of us realize how much work must go into making a full-length movie, and then to market and release it! You run into tons of issues shooting, post-production, editing. (For my academia friends, I am almost temped to compare it to the process of writing a paper :P) I made two short movies. I love to make more – except I don’t know if I can ever get to spend that much time and energy.

Vishnu and the others – Cheers to your first movie! It was a very good effort and great job by everyone! I really wish you guys go ahead and find motivation to make more of these.

As you see, there is another passion common to me and Vishnu, not just movie-watching! Who knows, one day there could be a PopCorn Cousins Production House! 😀


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