Review me for a change

All these days I had fun stripping movies and juicing them until me and my friend George Thomas decided to make a short documentary movie as part of the Short Film making contest for our Arts Fest. Thats when we realised the different problems faced while making a movie, the decisions you have to make etc. Film making, short or commercial is not a cake walk. We kept it very simple and thoroughly enjoyed filming it.

The Movie: Facebook Addict

The concept for the movie sparked after observing one of my friends, Midhun. He is the embodiment of a facebook addict. Initially we planned to make the movie as a story and not as a documentary. But due to lack of time George suggested to transform the movie into a documentary (the rules for the competition stated it should be a documentary). Making a documentary is easier than making a film. Do some research, you don’t need to make your subjects act and get the right emotions and the editing is also easy.

The final product was presented at the competition and we bagged 2nd from 4 entries. It might not sound that awesome but the filming was awesome experience for us. So do bear with my over acting and enjoy the movie.

For a change we request all our readers to do the reviewing of this short film. Say it straight to us, unfiltered, unbiased comments, so that it will help us improve. Mail your comments and suggestions to us at:

agentbugs [AT] gmail [DOT]com

All your reviews will be compiled and published as a special Post on the blog.

Hope you all enjoy the Film.




  1. Good job, man! Quiet a different short.
    And you, man, you really rocked with your on-screen performance! 🙂

    It might not sound that awesome but the filming was awesome experience for us
    I absolutely know what you mean there.

      1. I am seeing this just now. Liked it dude. Small mistake vinu is updating in your profile :). Could Have avoided that.

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