No one killed Jessica – Inspiring!

Director: Raj Kumar Gupta

When was the last time a movie made you feel that you MUST to do something for your country? Rang De Basanti, maybe? This movie did something similar to me as did RDB, a few notches less – which I am willing to attribute to the fact that I have heard the story many times before! The movie is a wonderful superposition of  facts and fiction – facts in the form of mostly what happened that night and until the end of first set of trials. Then comes fiction in the form of Rani Mukherji. Media had a huge role to play in the trial of Jessica Lall and Rani plays the face of that media! I don’t know if just one Meera Gaity(Rani’s character name) existed, and my belief is that there were more of them doing the work.

Raj Kumar Gupta has done a wonderful job in portraying a real-life, sensitive story with both power for the screen and justice to Jessica. Kudos to you and thanks for telling the world, the story that shocked many and brought to light the sad fate of India’s judiciary! The only complaint I have is that there was no reason to not to reveal to the world the real names of the injust! The music is catchy, apt and Amit Trivedi is definitely making some good music. Vidya was poignant as Sabrina Lall, Jessica’s sister. I would like to call Rani the face of media, because if media had a face, I would like it to be Meera’s – bold and outright. If you were too young when India went through Jessica Lall’s case, or you were too busy then doing other things, then its time for you to know this story. Please go watch the movie.

Time to Think:

There is a program running in the back of my head, in the background of other things – I love my country and want to be a good citizen. I have done little (which may have amounted to nothing, really) bits here and there but have always lost my motivation sooner or later! I don’t know how many of you feel the way I do – have many dreams, but are sitting somewhere, living a life that totally different from what you wanted. I have seen many people who unlike me,  actually put in a lot of effort in doing some good. To name two amongst the hundreds, a group that is so close to where I live – and a group that I recently found through a cousin-  Little drops make a mighty ocean. Hats off all you guys, who actually try and do something!


One comment

  1. I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. I mean, there were a lot of degrading reviews and all and I didn’t have very high expectations. But the movie really did engage me from start to the end. Motivating, really.

    My only complaint: Rani Mukherji. With her horrendous voice and the accent and her over enthusiastic performance she did manage get on my nerves. Everything except that was good for me.

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