Tees Maar Khan – Utterly irksome!

Director: Farah Khan
Writer: Shirish Kunder

Why I like Farah Khan:

In a world dominated by men, in a profession where women are often used and carelessly exploited by men, Farah comes to me as one of the very few strong women who have made a place for themselves! And she is one among the even fewer Indian women to have made successful commercial cinema and made a statement in her very first film. I loved her first two movies –  Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om for the spontaneity, creativity, and chemistry. Often I make sure I watch her shows and her appearances on my favorite shows for her witty remarks. I love her honesty and vigor. That makes you Farah, one of my favorite people in Bollywood, as I know it!

Tees Maar Khan the movie

I am still battling with the shock of having watched this movie; it has barely been a few minutes! The movie is about a con-man.  I can say no more, because there is no more! No plot, no motive and for all, no reason why Farah should make this movie. I refuse to believe this movie came from the same person who is witty and spontaneous otherwise! Another important person in the movie is Shirish Kunder, Farah’s husband who has had a hand in everything except the direction. Is this his fault that the movie is so pathetic? There are so many things that are so wrong with the movie that I feel compelled to make a list:

Performances: Akshay does one of his bad acts again! Akki, it isn’t helping that you act in so many movies a year and all of them are pathetic! Katrina reaches an all time low! You have heard enough about Sheila, she is unbearable throughout the rest of the movie. At the very least, care could have been taken that she dint sound like a foreigner during the song Wallah re Wallah! There were so many well known actors, all wasted in stupid roles!

Sreenplay: This movie was not worthy to be made in the first place. It has a weak script, totally unreal characters, and does not have anything worth talking about.

Farah Khan elements: Comic timing – None! Chemistry between actors – Absent! Creativity – remember Sushmita’s intro in Main Hoon Na or the award ceremony in Om Shanti Om? Where is that freshness? I fail to believe this is a Farah Khan movie.

Sadly, this has been one of the “most terribleest ^{100} ” movies I have seen this year! No, and this is definitely not the way I would have liked this year to end. Bollywood and Indian Cricket,  please don’t break my heart so badly! To the rest of you, if you have not seen this movie, please let it be that way!


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