Scott Pilgrim Again – The other take!

Director: Edgar Wright
Cast: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Genre: Comedy 

The other take:

‘Re’ grew up not playing too many video games! Re infact is terrible at video games. Re did not know what this movie was about. Re read Vi’s awesome review about an awesome movie called “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”. Re decided to watch the movie. Are you like Re? A stranger to the world where your everyday role is to beat up villians, earn ‘life’ s, and level up as soon as you hands and brain can work together! Read the other take –

Scott Pilgrim maybe any other guy, but Scott Pilgrim vs the world is a movie of a kind. It is set in a land where you have to defeat 7 evil exes to get a girl you like -the seven that possess strange skills! Scott Pilgrim’s world really comes to life on screen literally everytime someone bangs their head, or gets hit, or even utters a ‘beep’. There is absolutely no bloodshed in this world – no matter how you kick, cut, slice a man – all he does is explode into coins – lots and lots of them! Pick them up while you can. The movie is totally about the small things, like the poeple who live to spread your news faster than light, about sisters as sisters are supposed to be, about some people who know everything and how no matter how tiny you are, for you life revolves around you!

Those were the reasons why the movie should be watched. Doesn’t mean that the movie is flawless – in fact my biggest problem was that the movie felt way too long(Runtime is actually only 112 mins)! Ramona (the girl) could have done with lesser exes. I am sure Scott would have agreed! Just as I said that the movie is about the small things, I must say that the movie is NOT about the bigger picture! It has very little or no plot like Vi pointed out and for the most part it felt like staring into oblivion! I must say I am not super-awed by the movie (read the first para) but definitely had my moments. For the awesome review that lead me to watch the movie, click here – Awesome!


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