Déjà vu

Director: Tony Scott
Writers: Bill Marsilii, Terry Rossio

The first 5 minutes:

The movie opens at a dock with a ferry full of Navy Officers and their family! The ferry just leaves the dock as the movie opens, and pretty soon it feels like something is not not right. Then suddenly as a man on board finds a suspicious car,  there is a big explosion! So huge, that it rips apart the whole ferry and engulfs it in flame.  People are thrown out the ferry, burnt and killed. Just as the fire settles, walks in Federal law enforcement officer, Douglas Carlin – played by Denzel Washington. There begins the action!

The movie has a decent cast. Denzel Washington as the smart and witty agent stands out and single-handedly makes this movie something to talk about. The movie claims to have elements of science fiction – like bending space-time so that the FBI can see a certain time in the past and nab all bad-doers by starring at the past! Fun, right?  Until the point I heard this funda, I was expecting a good watch.  Things got worse when the crew decide to send objects and eventually Washington himself through the “bridge” to the past!

If anything was good about the movie, it was the plot! Ignoring how the time-travel happened, the plot was fast and gripping.  It surrounded around the debate of whether you can change the past/future by changing one event. I would not highly recommend this movie, I happened to watch it – a very bad sci-fi movie, but an average thriller!



  1. hi,
    one of the waste movies i have ever seen, that too in theater (rs 120). i never felt like going to theater again.
    i dont know how managed to finish the mov.
    dont remind me the name, even. 😉

    by the way, why u reviewed about this waste/old movie?

    1. Hi slacker9 – I ordered this movie on Netflix for the sake of Denzel Washington! As I said in the review – it was an ok thriller for a SUnday afternoon watch! Remember I have high tolerance levels for movies 😛

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