Ratatouille – Yummy!

Directors: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava

Approximately 3-1/2 years ago, came this movie of a super-cook rat! Of course you know what to expect, since this one is another of Pixar’s productions.  The movie is that of a rat, Remy, who gets inspired by a French chef, Auguste Gusteau, who believes – ” Anyone can cook! ” (Do I hear some grumblings? :P) The ‘figment of Remy’s imagination Gusteau’, leads Remy to his own restaurant in Paris, where a poor lad – Alfredo Linguini tries to save his job! What happens then is a long, interesting, amusing tale of the friendship between Alfredo and Remy. While Alfredo has some fortune waiting for him, Remy discovers his place in the human world.

Kudos to the absolutely stunning animation by Pixar.  They bring to life a pack of rats, delicious food, a restaurant kitchen, and the city of Paris itself! As with any other Pixar movie, there are layers to this movie. To a kid, this is a cute story of a rat with loads of funny scenes and they are sure to have a blast! To an adult, who is willing to do some thinking, this movie has a message too! Most of us hate rats, and that is the last creature we would like see in our kitchen.  Remy, unlike the rest of his pack, or even his family, aspires to be someone and is willing to try new things. He is not willing to accept who he is, because of where he comes from! Doesn’t this hold to us humans  too?

There are other small things that catch your attention – like human reaction, when Alfredo suddenly starts getting the attention; or when the brutal critic comes across something unexpected that absolutely hits him! If you have not had a chance to see this movie yet, then this belongs to an absolute must-watch list.  Its beautiful, innocent, and fresh! The real Ratatouille is a French dish that looks kind of  like this:

I would definitely put this movie on my all-time favorite list – right below ” Finding Nemo” and ” Happy Feet ” !


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