The Social Network

Note: This time we are trying something different. This is a chat review. We have discussed on ‘The Social Network’ through IM. WE thought its a fast read, and the views get imparted faster. Well we dont know yet, do we. Please go through this and leave your valuable comments on the review and on the movie , so that we can improve and scale !! So here goes nothing.

(Vi: Vishnu, Re: Renu, You is obviously You)

Social Network

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake
Director: David Fincher

Vi: David Fincher is back this time with the story of the Facebook
So Renu, tell me what you felt about the movie, to begin with.

(This was Facebook’s first logo. Guess the Face in the logo !! )

Re: And I must say that story kind of made me lose my impression about FB
Vi: Oh, why?
Re: Well I guess all the drama, behind its origins. We should really take the story with a grain of salt, right.
Whether true or fiction, it definitely made a good plot
Vi: It was a mix of fact and fiction
though most of the story are fact based
Re: I felt the narration was slower than I wanted it to be
So slow that I slept off in between
Vi: Well to differ from that opinion, the narration was quite gripping for me.
like how the story keeps shifting back and forth between both the law suits and the past.

You must give that to David Fincher for the style of narrative.

Re: I am not so sure, what about the questioning scenes?
Vi: you mean the hearing and all?
Re: Yes, the hearing with all the characters
Vi: I dint find it boring. they are not too long
also i loved how the key characters got introduced at different points
Re: Well, alright! I will give it you this time ๐Ÿ™‚
Vi: ๐Ÿ˜€
Re: True, and I feel they all did a good job. In fact, I kept thinking how they got twin actors to play a good job..
Vi: DYK in fact they are not actually twins
Re: Ha ha.. yeah.. good effects I must say!
check out the fourth one
after watching the movie i did a research on Mark Zuckerberg
most of the facts turned out to be true, according to the wiki that is
Re: Jesse Eisenberg was so perfect as the lead Mark Zukerberg.
Vi: look alike i should add

Re: SO perfect in playing the cold person, that I have started hating him after the movie.. ๐Ÿ˜€
Vi: yes
that is the thing
initially in the movie u develop this sense of repulsion to the character Mark
but its not all his fault
he just wanted to be ‘cool’
Re: Yes I did have this argument with friends – I think its definitely all his fault!
Vi: how did you find Justin Timberlake as Shaun Parker?
He dint seem like a geek who made napster and all, but he was a dude alright
Re: Again, I cant comment too much on him; I slept through some of his scenes :D. He is the real bad guy of the movie.. and he did a good job!
Vi: yups..
The movie gave us the big picture on the very thing we use every minute in our lives. The truth behind how it came into existence.
Re: Ha ha yeah, eye-opener? Its actually good to know that story!
Vi: and the movie clearly emphasised the tag line that ‘you cant make 5 million friends without making a few enemies

Re: And the irony that what connects us most to our friends had such a shaky foundation
Vi: yea..we all say this great things about friendship and friends for life etc
but its only a matter of incidents to ruin all that..
Re: So true, and that is what made me feel so unreal about FB –ย  the story behind it!
Vi: its not unreal, but a fact which we choose to ignore
Re: I am happy to ignore!
Vi: Eduardo felt like a misfit. He wanted to contribute, so desperately
friendship is fragile… ๐Ÿ™‚
i felt pity for the twin brothers. They were portrayed like some dumb fools. ๐Ÿ˜€

Re: Thats what Eduardo was supposed to do right? Be desperate to contribute
And the twin brothers, I liked them – They had ideas, but they couldn’t implement it.

Vi: they had idea.but Mark had a better idea
and this thing about Idea, actually no one owns an idea
thats what i believe
An idea always comes inspired from somthing else

Re: Bitter truth ๐Ÿ˜€
I would still like to credit them for their idea.
Overall, I think it was a good movie.
Vi: it was really good.. i could watch it again.
Re: The kind of movie that make you think, rather than entertainment.
Vi: yea, it makes you realize how much the social netowrking giant affects our life
Bosnia dialogue.remember?


Re: ๐Ÿ˜€ ha ha..
I dint remember this one.. but I agree totally what you meant

Vi: So…like the Chicks on Flicks hotties would say, i would give a definite “Catch It”
Re: ๐Ÿ˜€ I second! This movie is a must watch althoughย  would not put it on my ATF list!
Vi: agreed.

YOU: This is a movie you wouldn’t want to miss. You wouldn’t want to miss the witty Mark Zuckerberg . You wouldn’t want to miss the story of Facebook. Watch out for some really cool dialogues in the movie.



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