Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Director: Edgar Wright
Cast: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Genre: Comedy

Welcome to the mysterious land of Toronto.

Aftermath of the movie:

I’m easily influenced by movies. When I was I kid, I used to watch movies and cartoons and endlessly dream about them. I used to play myself as the characters, talk to myself, make up my own imaginative world where I’m uber cool awesome hero. Then I imagine the villains and the various ways I defeat them and eventually save the world. Now hold on to that thought you are just having. I bet everyone of you once lived in your own fantasy land, dreamt and built by your mind. Scott Pilgrim took me back to my childhood. For sometime I was under its spell, rethinking about the movie and so much it reminded me about. Rarely movies do that to you. Thats what I call, influencing through movies.


What if your movie opened up in front of you like a comic book. The most prominent thing about a comic is the representation of sound in it through pictures and weird words. Its interesting to think about it. Our movie plays out in such a ‘template’. I got the feeling of reading a comic rather that watching a movie. This unique choice of storytelling was a thumbs up for me. Experimental but inventive and fresh and it clicked. Also with its wonderful palette of colors it was attractive package.

Scott Pilgrim is one of those kind of movies which starts by putting you in the middle of things in the beginning itself. You might initially feel ‘hey whats going on here?’ but leave that aside. Leave behind logic and reasoning to an extent because this is one of those movies, as Tarantino would say, which takes place in the Movie-movie world. (One of those movies which  Vincent Vega or Marcellus Wallace would watch when they go to the theatres). Scott Pilgrim starts dating a high school girl too young for him. But he falls for Ramona at the same time. But before he can make Remona his own, he has to defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends. Wicked? Complicated? WTF?

What did I do? What do I do? BANG.... The whole scenario changes

From its Comic book narrative style the movie quickly jumps into video game mode. Slick isn’t it? The rest you have to watch to experience it.


Michael Cera is a person anyone can relate themselves to. At least that is what I felt. Here his character is more confident than in other movies like Superbad or Juno. All the other characters had quick and meaty parts in the movie. Each character has its importance which helped deliver the movie as a package than a one man show.

Let Downs:

For me the let down was the music at some places. Better choice next time Edgar Wright. May be its only for me. Also as Scott gets targeted by new opponents, the ‘punch’ got sloppy just when I was enjoying it more and more. But the ending compensated for that. It Kicked ass !

A lot of places I got reminded of Kill Bill due to the style with which the movie presents itself. Makes you wanna just pump in together. Be careful, you may find yourself cheering for poor Scotty!! Watch out for the ‘template’ narration. Its really witty.

The movie doesn’t try to convey any message. It doesn’t have a super cool well knitted script either. It defies logic. Its all about taking something out of your imagination which might make no sense at all and adding style to it. This is what made me relate so much to the movie. Few film makers can steer this ship skilfully and Edgar Wright is your man.

Any one who loves playing video games or reading comic books, or day dreaming about saving the world, this movie will be sheer fun. For best kicks, watch the movie in HD.

Verdict: KickASS!



  1. Loved Scott Pilgrim like anything.
    You’re right, it’s the cult movie that we are going to be able to relate too.

    Scott Pilgrim vs The World is so present-day!

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