Robin Hood

Director:Ridley Scott

Stars:Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and Matthew Macfadyen

Renu’s Take: He was a good archer!

I finally got to watch a movie, after weeks of being super-crazy busy! It was one that I missed since its release, Robin Hood. If you all remember, this movie did not do all that too well in the box office. Reason simply being there was nothing extra-ordinary about this movie. Its not the story of the Robin-hood that we all know and love. Its the story behind the story of Robin-hood, the story of how Robin Longstride became Robin-hood.

The story and the plot was pretty exciting, but somehow failed to grip you. There were parts here and there like the scenes with the old man, which was in some ways unique. At the end of the movie though the characters were no more than a vague memory in my head.
Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett were good in their roles as Robin and Marion. I wouldn’t strongly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen this yet. But given the possibility of a real Robin-hood movie coming out as a sequel, I will not regret watching this one.


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