The Shining

Director: Stanley Kuberick

Cast: Jack Nicholson, Shelly Duvall, Danny

Genre: Horror

Having discussed ‘The Shutter Island’  I wanted to suggest another movie in league with that. I would like to call it ‘the Baap of horror genre’, The Shining.

This movie is a cult horror classic. Directed by Stanley Kuberick and in the lead we have Jack Nicholson at his psychotic best, what more do you want to scare the shit out of you. The movie is inspired by the novel by Stephen King, but surprisingly King doesn’t like this version of his book.

What is the formula of an usual horror genre movie? Dark room. The protagonist (sometimes women) walk the dark alley. Then we hear distant disturbance in the house, sound editing done to startle you. After some more similar scenes that is supposed to keep you at the edge of the seats, (usually) a disgusting hand, or a creature or a cat jumps into the frame and you are jolted (girls scream their throats off). Awesome experience man, slick movie, scared the shit out of me. The main character and the settings change and we are fed with the same cliched crap from generation to generation. No wonder there aren’t many awesome horror flicks.

Shining takes you to the next level ‘scaredom’. The movie revolves around a family of three, Jack (Jack Nicholson), Wendy Torrance(Shelley Duvall) and Danny. Jack accepts the job of caretaker of an isolated hotel which stays closed during winter, which provides him prospects to concentrate on his writing. The Hotel remains a witness to a lot of events throughout the ages.

Here, as I said earlier, is not a movie where the Hotel is infected with a farm of blood thirsty ghosts. The movie is all about visions. You will not be a victim to sudden jolts of fear due to the arrival of some disgusting looking creature or ghost. You will be a victim to visions. Visions that keep you glued to the screen and when you are done with the movie leaving you totally infected, scared and insecure. That is the formula used by Kuberick. You wont cry out in fear cause you will scared out of your wits to even utter a word. You will think to yourself that its better to shut up. Totally captivated. All the scary stuffs happen all through the movie, it takes you with the characters into the Hotel. The movie is unique in its uniformity it religiously follows throughout. The tension doesn’t build up suddenly, it is there throughout and in the climax the tension shoots up!

The primitives used for these visions are unexplainable. Just thinking about them gives you goosebumps. I do not want to give away any of those right now. Never before has horror been such an awesome and spine tingling experience at the same time. The movie might not make sense in the beginning. There are portions where it might seems a bit dragging, but listen closely. Some parts do not have any particular relevance to the story in concern but they add to the whole package and draws inspiration from the original novel. The movie will definitely leave you with unanswered doubts (just to pre warn you). When you seek out those doubts more interesting things will be revealed.

Performances again, Jack Nicholson is your first choice if you want a neurotic nut case character. Mind blowing. Danny is awesome and scary at the same time. Wendy has done a great job as the victim throughout.

Music. Tense western classical reverberates throughout your body, sending you chills down your spine. Extremely good choice of music apt to the situation.

I should warn you this. Writing this review had me recollect some of the scenes from the movie and it was not relishing experience writing this. I’m even scared to search for pics online to add to this post as I may end up seeing one of the scenes from the movie. It 2am in the morning and I’m scared. brrrrr……

Verdict: The Shining, scariest shit ever made!!!



  1. The Shining- the best movie in horror genre that i have seen.Evrythn frm the music to performance to direction is jz perfect. Jack Nicholson (also my favourite actor) is exceptional while performing as crazy neurotic. Even though Stephen King wasn’t much impressd by the film,reviews across the globe have always spoken high of the movie

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