TV shows: Cooking, Lies and some Laughs

Going off course a little this time, I’m going to discuss about some TV shows which I got into watching during the past few days. Having fed up with reality shows like Idea Star Singer, where all day long participants come and go singing different songs and people fevicol-ed into the seats give unnecessary comments, anchored by a match stick draped in some stupid clothing, I fought with my parents for my existence and grabbed the remote. ‘No one will ever watch this stupidity which is being aired endlessly for the past 5 years‘ I screamed and changed the channel. Now I’m in a fix. I have to introduce my parents to some new innovative and interesting show or else I’m screwed forever to watch ISS and its likes.

So here are some TV shows which you can try out.

MasterChef Australia:

Show Timings: 9pm Mon-Thu on Star World

I switched the channel to Star World and the time was 9pm. From the name I expected the show to be another boring cooking reality challenge. But something about this show had me hooked into it. This hit reality show, hosted by the experts in Australian food industry Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Matt Preston , has 20 something contestants fighting against each other to become the MasterChef. Thankfully this is not a reality show where you vote for your contestants, phew.

The show is interestingly different for various reasons. Its not just innovative or creative cooking that is happening here. The speed, perfection and sharp grasping capabilities are prime test primitives. Also for those with passion for cooking they have Master Class where Gary, Matt and George and sometimes Celebrity chefs give training to the participants. Our age old reality shows can take a tip from this I guess. Some lucky contestants get to contest with Celebrity chefs too. You may find it staged in some occasions but we can overlook all that.

Final verdict: Although I don’t understand crap of what cooking science is, this is one show that entertains and inspires me to eat a variety of food from time to time.

MasterChef India:

Show Timings: 9pm Sat-Sun on Star Plus

Inspired from MasterChef shows all over the world, MasterChef India began yesterday. It is hosted by none other than Akshay Kumar. Being a chef himself it was a fair choice by the producers to host Akshay. I cant judge this 1 episode old show yet but I still would like to share my first impressions.

First Impressions, the show SUCKS ! The Indian producers of any reality show like to add so much masala and Tadka to the shows that such shows end up in the deepest depths of a black hole, long forgotten that they ever existed. So much masala, sadness, stupid background scores, Akshayisms totally was a let down to the show. And it was just the auditions mind you. The worst thing that fired me up the most was, its MasterChef India and there is NO centre ever held in South India. So dear makers of this show, you would be better off calling it MasterChef North India rather than encapsulating the whole nation’s tradition into it. I got so frustrated with this aspect of the show.

Finally verdict: Can’t decide yet. Let the actual tasks begin.

Lie to Me*:

Show Timings: Mon-Thu 10pm on Star World

Dr. Cal Lightman, portrayed by Tim Roth of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction fame, is a human polygraph. He can tell whether you are lying your ass off or no just by observing you. Lie to Me is about Mr. Lightman and his team of Human Polygraph students, who study behaviour science under him, solving cases for various government agencies and other clients. Sometimes all you want to know is whether a person is lying or no.

This series draws similarity with many others out there (Numb3rs, where FBI seeks help from a mathematician and Bones) so I don’t say it will be an extraordinary watch. I liked the concept of behaviour science to solve crimes and also I wanted to take a few tricks to learn body language and catch a liar in action. Its an interesting show till now having devoured a few episodes of Season 1.

Final Verdict: Some thing fresh and new.

Akkara Kazhchakal:

Show Timings: It can be found anywhere on the internet. I don’t thing the show is on air now. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I leave the best things to the end. Many of you would already know this show which now attained cult status all over the online community.

Akkara Kazhchakal is a satire on the lives and idiosyncrasies of a Malayali NRI couple. If you are a Malayali then this show is a sure shot entertainer for you. The best part is each episode is very small, like 9 mins or so. Its like reading anecdotes, so addictive that you keep going on and may end up doing an all nighter watching it. The episodes are all well scripted and directed by the NRI crew to perfection. You will end up having literally Laughing your Asses off.

Me and my friends gather up very often and get pumped up watching some episodes from this show. The cult status it has itself should explain the awesomeness of the series. A good news for the fans. Akkara Kazhchakal movie is coming !!! Check out the trailer (again a unique one) here: .

Its not mindless comedy that you find here. The show heavily relies on situational comedy and that is the beauty of it, realism.

Final Verdict: Have a check on your clock often cause you will loose track of time ROFL.

These shows may not help you convince your parents to stop watching ISS and other mundane shows like it, but it will surely add a new dimension to your TV watching experience.



  1. Top Chef inspired me to eat food, not a variety of food, but anything and everything i could get my hands on… and look at what’s happened!!!

  2. Akkara kazhachakkal is one of the biggest surprises i was in for. Its comedy is intelligent comedy,highly situational comedy with realistic situations and character one can identify with. Awesome…must watch for any malayalee. A fine superb satire…. \m/

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