Endhiran: Unimpressive

Directed by S. Shankar.
Starring Aishwarya Rai, Rajnikanth, Danny Denzongpa

Vishnu’s take:

After a more than a week of listening to the awesomeness and trivia of this movie finally I got to watch it today. Though I was eager to watch the movie (to write this review) I kept my expectations really low. I had some things in mind to expect as it was a Rajni movie (expect the supernatural) directed by Shanker.

Plot: Rajini makes the ultimate Android Humanoid. Its fresh as a new baby born into the world. Um, except the fact that it can sing dance and knows almost everything in the world as it he is “Chitti, speed 1 Thz, memory 1Zb”. But he doesn’t get approved by jealous professor turned villain, Danny Denzongpa, due to the fact that Chitti doesn’t have emotions and cannot judge on the basis of that. So Chitti gets taught what emotions, feelings and what the rules of the world are. This is when the turn of the events happen for the worst. Just like in Terminator the Skynet becomes self aware, Chitti also becomes self aware. The rest of the Plot Chitti takes control.

The first half was really interesting to watch. We have an Android humanoid who is like a baby. A fresh mould. He is made to interact with the world to learn. Something so fresh and flexible in the script like this is wonderful. But we should not forget that its a Rajini movie and the Director has to make some choices knowing this fact. The choices being whether to explore deep with this wonderful script he has in hand or to satisfy the fans. Shanker tries to do both and it dint click. There was immense possibilities of how the movie could have travelled IF it was not a Rajini movie. Kamal Hassan was the first choice for this script I hear, and I would have loved that version.

But the scenes and script was quite well thought to prove the point that Chitti needs to understand the finer nuances of humanity and fully draw conclusions based on that. I felt myself wanting to watch more of Chitti and his adventures. Oh I forgot about the fabulous Aiswarya Rai. It was just wonderful to watch her all through the movie. But Sana’s involvement in the script stops there. Just a really good looking showcase piece for publicity.

Second half Chitti becomes self aware. He feels emotions, anger, laughter and even falls in love. Chitti does not wish to be destroyed. Then as I said, Chitti takes control. It was not so interesting to watch all that. But my mind was already focussed on one thought throughout the second half. Can Robots feel like humans?

I kept thinking about this, the pros and cons, how can a Robot actually feel, what is a feeling. After a few research online I came to a conclusion. The emotions by an android are just simulations of what it learned. It is never close to human feelings. The reason being we humans are gifted with mind. An android can draw conclusion from A and B, but it cannot think. An android can be self aware cause it can conclude that it will be powered off and it just tries to make that condition false. Now for the most important question of all. Can a Robot fall in love. Love is the most inexplainable feeling in the world. For a machine which can simulate emotions maybe it can simulate love too, or can it?

Coming to our movie, the second half fails too much in varied aspects. The script stoops too low here. Lot of cheesy elements like the destruction “red” chip and more. I dont want to give anything away though. Rajini is really good as a villain. Hope we get to see a lot of villain Rajni in the future.

Music. The songs are always a BIG distraction for me always. The scenic beauty of the songs are a visual treat. But ARR and the songs, well it dint click for me. Also the BGM was not impressive. ARR is making songs left, right and centre. And hence I guess we can’t expect awesomeness all the time.

It is not a fan movie. No punch dialogues. It was totally dry in this aspect. To my wonder there was no ultimate Rajini introduction scene itself. Can you believe that. If the director took the movie to this phase he should have done the same treatment throughout instead of doing a mixed job. Shanker is known for using technology in his movies. Its whooping 200 crore budget movie man, why couldn’t you have worked more on the script, I plead. The movie is a milestone in terms of using technology in the Indian Film Industry. Its really bold. But that is the only branch of the movie that grows. Rest are all withered leaves, half grown. I say it again, please work more on the script Mr. Shanker and I say this only cause to dared to take a movie in which Rajni Kanth is there without adding much Rajnism in it.

Well Endhiran sure will be remembered for a long time, also for its BO success. Will this mark the beginning of a new genre in Indian cinema? Will we actually get to see the Indian version of Matrix and Terminator. Lets hope so.

I am going to watch movies like Bicentennial Man to quench my curiosity about humanoids and about whether they can feel or like us or no.



  1. The only thing I terribly object here is the music! After a long time, ARR’s music has been as outstanding as this one, and in sync are the visuals! The songs, with all the older ARR favs like Hariharan, Sadhna Sargam, Chinmayee, reminded me of all the older Shankar movies like Indian, Gentleman!

    There was definitely bad points in the script, no doubt! But overall, it was an entertainer, where I could scream the throat off with fellow watchers!

    Vishnu, I am actually game for watching Bicentennial Man in the next few days! Joint review after a long time?

      1. U forgot one part that was really not upto the mark the mosquito part. I think u missed that in ur review.

        Why do u question the feelings that come for a robot when it is an indian rajini movie.

        “Actually we shouldn’t be asking any questions while watching a movie like this”

  2. A quite impressive review from you after a long time.I watched enthiran on 1st day itself.For me 1st half was good and 2nd half just too dissapointing.Especially the ‘Mosquito scene’ and the Kalabhavan Mani scene.I have watched Bicentennial Man and i had felt a little similarity during the middle portions.But considering the fact that Enthiran is an Indian movie the makers have done a good job.
    I think the movie also was very predictable.Anyway Rajnikanth as an actor has proved himself to be one who is capable of doing roles out of his usual picks.Well that is a welcome change.

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