Directed by S. Shankar.

Starring Aishwarya Rai, Rajnikanth, Danny Denzongpa

Renu’s Take: It rained Rajini!

You are lucky if your American City has a theater showing a Bollywood movie! Even lucky, if it shows Tamil movie one single show, days after the actual movie releases, with an audience of approximately one-third of the hall capacity! Comes along one special movie, that plays for 4 consecutive days, at 2.5 times the original ticket price, and day 1: HOUSE-FULL! Day 2 and day 3 are pretty close to being that with all online tickets sold out! And mind you, the movie is also showing in two other languages.

Mind-blowing, right? Wait, we haven’t even talked about the movie yet!

The most-expected Tamil movie for a long time now, with rightly-called SUPERSTAR, Rajinikanth 🙂 by Tamil’s “SUPER-Director” (?) Shankar; ENDHIRAN came out today, Oct 1 in India. The plot by now is general-knowledge to all – Rajini1-Dr Vasi is a scientist who creates “Chitti” – Rajini2, a Robot. Chitti blows us away with his talents and powers until he falls in love with Dr Vasi’s girlfriend, Sana after his first upgrade with hormone simulators. Then, with an upgrade to 2.0(yeah!), all hell breaks loose with Robots taking over the city. Let me make it clear, I am not a die-hard Rajini fan, was never even a fan, but his movies are the best entertainers one can ever watch, its a one-man show that only, only and no one else but Rajini can pull-off. One Rajini is a pleasure to watch, but here you see two, and even more Rajini’s. Its simply delight! Shankar’s plot of Rajini vs Rajini is the ultimate we can get! With all the cool graphics, the scenes in the second half were like watching a spoof of all Hollywood movies in one! Even in the non-action scenes, like the chitti dance show (PrabhuDeva? ), the Mariatha transformation, the effects had me in awe and splits! I simply loved it! Shankar is always known for his stunning song-dances, always a perfect fit to ARR’s music. This movie, he does it again! All the songs were beautifully put into scenes and my pick: “Irumbile oru Idhayam”.

Finally, a work about Rajini and Ash. Chiiti and Ash had better chemistry than the doc and Ash! Ash was much better than in Raavanan, with a better voice-over! It was a feast after the 2.0 upgrade and you get a feel of the Rajini of 80’s-90’s (Watch his laughs, and the point where he says “Robo”)! For someone who is 2-movie-old as a Rajini fan, I thoroughly enjoyed! You will do too, unless you wanna-be picky about rules, laws, and details! Thats’ not Rajinism, you see..



  1. You have done the review well really nice to got thro and was exicitng as seeing the movie
    Though being away from India u got to c the first day first show of the movie great achievement indeed!! Bingo!

  2. You have done a very good review by not being a die hard fan of Rajini. Me, after watching lots of Rajini movies and after seeing Endhiran have to make these comments.

    Like Vidya, I too feel like it is more of Shankar’s movie and not of typical Rajini. Heard that this is one of the costliest movie taken so far, but the graphics doesn’t say so, especially the Robo with Rajini’s lips. Mariyatha scene is really good and more such scenes should have been there instead of Santhanam and Karuna’s the so called comedy. Full credit goes to Aishwarya who stole the show with her grace and dance. As Rajini pointed out in one of his interview’s “she is really a Ulaga Azhyagi and India should be proud of her”. Rajini as Vasi should have been more charismatic with mind boggling, gravity defying super powers and should have performed some stunning fight sequence instead of tapping the computer and trying to destroy version 2.0 Chitti.

    Credit also goes to AR Rahman for his music and to Prabhu Deva for his choreography.

    Rajini movie should necessarily have Punch Dialog, more fight sequence (of course it was very limited here with train fight) without gadgets and what we missed most is his esstyle….

    Rating: 8/10

    1. I did hear that from many die hard Rajini fans! I agree the Santhanam-Karunas comedy was pathetic; at the end of the movie I was still blown away by chitti! Maybe I should take you die-hard Rajini fans’ words and watch some of his older movies! Any suggestions? 🙂

      1. Watch Padayappa, Baasha, Annamalai and Arunachalam for dialogues, style, rags to riches and more for Rajini. I am not a die-hard fan but watch it for the sake of watching movies which of course can’t be seen in reality.

    2. I did see these movies, at that point in time I was staunch anti-Rajini; Lemme give them a try again 🙂 I did love Baashah and Padayappa!

      1. @Renu Baashah was the only movie i liked. But Rajni has a lot of older movies he is famous for right. One movie in which people dont dare to step on his footsteps and all?? which is that

  3. I think Padayappa/Annamalai/Basha would the movies for you to watch…. Seriously this movie trio made me his Diehard fans…

    Jus back frm endhiran and what I missed in this movie was his punch dialoge and style… Even his last “Shivaji” had some of it… This seems to be rajini acting with his hand tied :(… but in any case… it is a wonderful attempt and the climax graphics was better that the junk “Krrish” graphics and other indian movies…Rajini as a villain is a pleasure to see… The sinster laugh… awesome….But nothing yet to parallel the trio I had mentioned above…

  4. @Vishnu – Where in Endhiran did u see Rajinism or the script modified to suit Rajini fans…?? – Nowhere…

    Though Rajini is not a acting king he is a thorough entertainer… Given Kamal had did this movie it would have become a serious movie… rather than entertainer…

    BGM… Man hear again… some notes were really great…Never underestimate ARR…

    And finally.. Shankar… None of his movies ever had a script… so no point in expecting one frm him 😀

  5. @Vishnu – Yup seriously it rocked… The one in which he abducts aishwarya frm marriage and fights top of a lorry.. The BGM there shows ARR shine there… jus like “Jessie drives me crazy BGM in VTV…Something nobody ever would think of….

  6. @Renu – Ok initiation into towards Rajini FanDom… 🙂

    Watch the movies in following order
    . Annamalai

    At the end… Lo u will be come a die hard rajini fan…(Appreciating the dialogues is real important though 🙂 )

    1. liking of music can differ from person to person. Just for argument sake the i dint find 2.0 sinister nor masochistic, which it shud have been to show how dangerous chitti had become. instead It was more techno kind and funny. ARR is human.

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