Shutter Island: Cinema Experience

Director: Martin Scorsese
Cast: Leonardo diCaprio, Mark Ruffalo

Vishnu’s take:

You must be wondering why this late review on this movie. Simple. I happened to watch it only 2 days ago (Blu-ray is awesome πŸ˜› ). And what an experience it turned out to be. Total Cinema Experience is what I like to call such movies.

Teddy is an US marshal who comes to Shutter Island to investigate a man missing case of one of the patient/prisoner in the Island, Rachel Solando. The Island draws him into something large and terrorising that it starts breaking him.

I have not been an ardent follower of Martin Scorsese’s movies but ‘The Departed’ and ‘Goodfellas’ are enough for any viewer to understand the greatness of this man. This time, I would rather say, Scorsese threaded a Nolan-ish type movie and put his stamp into it. Nolan-ish type I mean, the movie revolved on 2 key elements: one, the mind and two, ambiguity.

There is an important point which the movie states. It points out the thin line which separates sanity and insanity. The ‘Kafkaesque genius’ situation that once the world thinks you are insane whatever you say or do just confirms your insanity. Even if you say ‘I’m not Insane’, it doesn’t help, does it??

The movie draws inspiration from a lot of other movies. The sinister BG music when the island is approached and in other tense scenes reminded me of the epic horror movie by Stanley Kuberick, ‘The Shining’. When Teddy’s wife made her entry, again I was reminded of the twins in ‘The Shining’. Spooky. Sitting in a dark room writing this part is much more scary (brrrr…). I actually felt a shiver down my spine every now and then. Another point, I was reminded of Nolan’s ‘The Memento’. You will know why when you watch the movie as I don’t want to give away anything.

The movie fore runs Inception when coming to the point of ambiguity. It establishes and leaves the viewer clueless in a very intelligent sort of way. Like the Necker cube. Anyway you watch the object you see a whole new perspective. Sheer genius I should remark. My friend suggested it should have been a Nolan flick but only Scorcese could have pulled this off so cleverly.

The movie kicks off sharp and it starts to engulf you. It is intense, thrilling and thought provoking at the same time. All actors give a splendid performance. What more can you ask for. Such movies which provide total cinema viewing experience are rare. So my dear readers, don’t miss this one. And try to catch it in Blu-Ray or HD with the volume turned on really high. Let the Sinister ‘Shutter Island’ take control.

Pay attention, but not too much cause your Sanity is at stake πŸ˜‰ .

Renu’s Take: Painful! Read further..

It has been at least a couple of months since I saw this movie. But I still remember the feeling very well. Pain, nausea, and dizziness! I am not kidding! The movie begins as Vishnu described and once you are on the Island, you are stuck! The movie grows on you each second. In the beginning you feel curious, intrigued by the island. Slowly you start feeling confused. As the confusions grow in you, you start feeling uncomfortable, and then eventually you just want to leave. But you can’t since you think you need really escape with Leonardo. But eventually when the movie ends, you leave the theater with terrible headache. This is what would happen to you if you were me. No, this does not necessarily mean that the movie is bad. It is either pretty good that it was successful in what it intended to do, or it was just pure pain!

There were a lot of things in the movie that was not clear at all. Many characters came and went by with no significance. Everything was so blurry at some point in the movie, which was probably what the director wanted me to feel like. It is also possible that I may have also forgotten parts of the plot since it has been a while since I saw the movie. (less likely!)

I do not know much about Scorsese’s movies. I definitely do not want to compare this one with Inception. Although I did wonder why DiCaprio was doing similar movies over and over again.Β  If you are like me, who loves enjoying movies, wants to come out of a movie with a nice feeling, and did NOT enjoy DISTRICT 9 at all, then you are better off not watching this one.Β  I don’t like being tortured; Guess you don’t either.

Well, Vishnu’s last line sums it all!



  1. ****** Spoiler Alert *******

    @Renu That is the beauty of the movie. Cleverly executed ambiguity. Each character has a significance and thats what adds to the ambiguity. Imagine looking at a coin both sides at the same time.
    Inception had many different possibilities how the movie can be interpreted. But Shutter Island has only 2 possibilities: Teddy is totally insane or he is sane.

  2. i seriously agree with Vishnu here.Shutter Island is maybe the best Phsycho thriller movie i’ve seen.Especially those 2-3 scenes from his past was a treat to watch. As i have watched most of the Scorsese movies, i would say that it was a very different approach and hats off to Dicaprio for portraying he character with full essence.But after watching inception i kind of feel like Dicaprio’s expressions are a little monotonous.

    1. I wont say its monotonous. Actors always bring in their own mannerisms into the character too as far as it doesnt contradict the char. If you have gone through diCaprio’s works u can find he is very versatile actor. But some mannerisms always sticks i guess… πŸ™‚

  3. yep i agree…bt with dicaprio i feel his mannerisms of late are very very similar.i’m not denying the fact that he is a versatile actor.I have seen almost all of his movies.For example in The Departed,Shutter island ,Body of lies and Inception , when he is in some kind of stress or had a major trauma his expressions are very similar.But for great actors like Marlon Brando or Jack Nicholson it is not the case.Their mannerisms are very very different for different movies in similar situations

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