Picture Abhi baki hai mere dost …

My apologies to all the blog followers and my partner Vishnu, for this long break! I am currently traveling to conferences/schools to learn some physics (Ah, that’s what I do when I am not watching movies!) And hence, the unusual occurrence of me not having watched a movie for more than 2 weeks! Unfortunately all that I could review now would be lectures on Particle Physics and Particle Accelerators! Since I fear you would not find that all interesting I shall refrain from doing so! I promise to be back with a bang – Reviewing movies from India is going to be an all new experience! Bro, we need to catch a movie together 🙂 That will be our first review “together”! So for a few more weeks, it will be Vishnu entertaining you all!   Stay right there!

Like we say, “Agar End mein sab kuch theek na ho to woh “THE END”  nahi hain dosto.  Picture abhi baaki hai! “


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