Witness for the Prosecution

Director: BIlly Wilder
Script: Agatha Chritie
Cast: Tyron Power, Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester

“A remarkable movie” is what I said, imitating a tall British accent after watching this movie.

‘The Witness of Prosecution’ is the adaptation of the famous novel of  the same name by Agatha Christie is a neat and tidy movie. Set in the 1940’s the movie follows the Capital trial of murder of one Mrs. French by a man named Leonard Vole. The man approaches the best barrister in London to defend his case on the court, who is ill-tempered and hates to loose. The rest of the movie is full of twists and turns and court room wittiness. A court room master is not about finding the law points or loop holes, its about saying the right thing at the right time. Its a jugglery of words. The power of speaking something and driving a point home and influencing someone’s decision is a wonderful thing to observe. Movies like ’12 Angry men’, ‘A few Good Men’ etc are testimony to this.

Witness of the Prosecution is one neat and tidy movie. It is a script backed movie from start to end. The movie slowly and theatrically introduces each character and the action builds up in the courtroom towards the middle of the story. It was really wonderful to watch Charles Laughton ‘object’ to the points stated by the prosecution and even wonderful was the interaction between him and Nurse Plimsoll. I just read a trivia that Charles and Elsa Lanchester were husband and wife in real life !!!

It was one really interesting movie, but the movie strictly follows the script. This is precisely why I wont go back to this movie like other movies I mentioned earlier of this genre. Very few elements about the movie will draw me back to it for a re-watch. I dont say it is a flaw in the movie, but this is a movie of such nature. Its wonderful and beautiful to watch once and that may be the end of it.

I highly recommend this movie for its gripping and tidy way of story telling. You will surely enjoy it. Also I’m in a mood for more courtroom dramas. Please do recommend me some in the comments section.



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