Batman Begins

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Christian Bale, Katie Holmes

Music: Hans Zimmer

Inception took the world by surprise. Many loved the awesome movie, but a lot felt the intricately woven script is a failure. The Internet began to flood with reviews, debates discussion about Inception. I say that is the success of a movie. This is exactly when the HBO people decided to telecast Batman Begins and what a movie it was. Watching it all over again was an experience in itself.

I was never a Batman fan when I was small. Batman was human and never had any super powers. I was a spiderman fan. But this movie changed my perception about all this. And the reason is the movie grows beyond a superhero movie.

The movie begins by tracing the origin of Batman. Bruce learns the art of Ninja and to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies from the League of Shadows. Then he returns back to Gotham to fight crime and clean up the city. All the aspects from here to how he chooses bats as his theatrical form is clearly explained to the audience. Clarity in what is being shown is the speciality of Nolan.

The story gets built layer by layer from here. Mob is not the prime danger of the city. There are other worse villains lurking beneath. I dont get fed up watching this movie because the formula is the script doesn’t drop its pace at any point. Something always keeps happening to keep our spirits up. Cilian Murphy was fantastic as the Scarecrow. He was mysteriously cold and scary at the same time.

Another wonderful aspect of this movie which I never found in any other movie was the superhero’s fall. Batman becomes totally helpless at one point of time. But “why do we fall? So that we learn to pick ourselves up”.

I mentioned earlier the movie grows beyond a normal superhero movie of saving the world from evil villains. The movie introduces a lot of great thoughts at various stages. Its complicated but enlightening at the same time. Many people  I know dint enjoy this movie as they dint see this coming.

Something iconic about Nolan is that he manages to add style along with substance. There are some awesome sequences which I can never stop thinking about. One scene is when Bruce discovers the Bat Cave. Another, which superhero doesn’t overlook his city from the tallest tower? Then the Bat mobile chase !!

And Hans Zimmer. A lot of credit for building up the suspense and tension in the movie goes to the BG score.

This movie marked the beginning of a saga. Fingers crossed for the proposed Batman 3 by Nolan !!


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